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DOCTOR WHO Returns Online

Success of audio adventure could pave the way to TV show return.

By Frank Kurtz     July 13, 2001
Source: BBC

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DOCTOR WHO is back on the BBC, or rather the Beeb's online version.

Starting today, the BBC has posted a slick audio production called DOCTOR WHO: DEATH COMES TO TIME. The production features Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred reprising their roles from the final episodes of the TV series, the Doctor and Ace, respectively.

BBC Online's James Goss talked of the program, saying, "We are expecting around 50,000 people to listen to the live broadcast, which for a half hour programme on the net is very high."

He adds, "The more hits it gets the better chance there is of the Doctor returning to television because people will have to take notice of how popular it still is."

Explaining the reasoning for placing the adventure only online, Goss says, "His return will be online because that's where the DOCTOR WHO community is at the moment...If it takes off, though, I wouldn't rule out further adventures on the internet, radio and television."

As for bringing the DOCTOR into the 21st century, Goss says, "Television has moved on an awful lot since the Doctor's time...There were no computer generated effects, just cardboard.

"Any DOCTOR WHO now would have to compete with the likes of STAR TREK and BUFFY in terms of special effects and it would cost an awful lot of money. But in my opinion it could successfully be brought back."

Listen to the Doctor's latest adventure by clicking on the Source link above.


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