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Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer

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Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer

Daleks, yes Daleks

By Robert T. Trate     August 02, 2012
Source: BBC

The full trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who has debuted over at BBC Amerca, and it is a glorious thing to behold. Weeping angels, dinosaurs, and, of course, Daleks, show up in grand fashion. The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River Song are set to make a return this fall, along with a brand a new companion played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. Enjoy the trailer and look for Mania’s reviews of Season 7 of the Doctor.  


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Betenoire 8/2/2012 2:06:45 AM

Great, but cans we haz a premier date yet BBC?

ObiWannaJones 8/2/2012 7:31:02 AM

 Awesome.  Dr Who is awesome.  One of the true sci fi phenomenons that never fails to entertain. 

RobertTrate 8/2/2012 8:07:30 AM

 I think the problem is (with a premiere date) is that should The BBC first or should it be have a same release date as BBC America. The world we live in is so much smaller then when this show relaunched in 2005. I saw on the Sherlocks (series 2) a day after thanks to pirating ont he Internet. Fans of Doctor Who would do the same. The BBC knows this and knows they'll lose ratings and money if they wait. 

Betenoire 8/2/2012 3:44:29 PM

I don't see why BBC wouldn't just do it the same way they did (at least) season 6. Same day premier with BBC having it air a number of hours first given the difference in time between there and here. 

Actually now that I think about it, I think BBC America broke the announcement of when some part of the series would air as a Brittish guy I used to chat with at times hadn't yet heard the date from the BBC.

wrrlykam 8/2/2012 6:04:11 PM

I heard it was at the end of august for the UK.

dojen1 8/3/2012 10:23:49 AM

"Who do you think?" Awesome. I'm really warming up to Matt Smith's Doctor. He shows a bit of that meance that Chris Eccleston had in series 1. Really looking forward to the new season. Oh, and the new companion is a HONEY. Google her.

dojen1 8/3/2012 10:24:22 AM

and by "meance" I meant "menace"...:)



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