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Betenoire 8/21/2012 10:46:25 AM

redhairs- if you have BBCAmerica season 5 is going to be on as Wyldstaar mentioned and Netflixs has it for streaming as well. Amy and Rory are different in those and as Rory moves forward Amy is pushed into less of an active role for most of the 6th season, almost like the writing staff couldn't figure out how to walk and chew gum at the same time. 

redhairs99 8/21/2012 2:00:00 PM

 Sorry, man.  I meant season 5 of Big Bang Theory on CBS.  I've seen all the episodes of Doctor Who sicne the reboot in 2005.  And while I like Matt Smith (not as much as the previous 2), I don't like Amy Pond's character.  The show is about the Doctor and I don't like that they changed the whole show open to be about her.  And I thought River Song was a great character when she was introduced a couple seasons back, but (SPOILER)


making her the offspring of Rory and Amy was dumb.

Betenoire 8/21/2012 3:12:09 PM

 redhairs - The Big Bang was the title of the 5th season final. ^^U

And River Song was created with that intent from the get go, it wasn't something Moffat just threw out there (assuming he is to be believed across the number of interviews he has given and which the actress who plays River hasn't contridicted and also claims she was let in on the whole thing from the start, info she then had to hide from the rest of the cast as they weren't told). He has done a number of interviews saying as much and while it may not have set well with you it was really the most effective way to do the character. (spoiler)


After all, the only other choice was to make he a normal being and lose some allure or to try to say a third Time Lord somehow snuck through which undercuts the Doctor's belief that he is the last TL more than a little (the Master surviving did this as well) and at that point it is a stones throw from their being another planet of TLs somewhere. Making River a TL also gives an out to the writers as Doctor Who continuity from the original run established TLs have only 12 regenerations (for a total of 13 lives) and the Doctor is on 11 (which would give the actor or actress who plays 12 and 13 a hell of a lot of power) unless the writers either discard cannon, claim it doesn't exist or say that an event, like River jump starting the Doctor in Let's Kill Hitler gives them an out. 

Now I have problems with a number of things in the time line of the 11th Doctor (treating paradoxes and the like as if they don't matter) but I don't have a problem as such with River's parents. 

redhairs99 8/23/2012 8:56:48 AM

Sorry, I didn't realize that was the title of that episode.  For some reason when you said it was a joke on Big Bang, I assumed you meant the comedy series.

It's possible that Maffat did intend that storyline from the very beginning, but that doesn't mean I have to think it was a great storyline.  To each their own, of course.  If that was his original intent, I still think it was a dumb one and actually kind of hurts my appreciation for her originial introduction.  Maybe if she were the spawn of some character I actually liked in the series, then I might like the idea more.  As it stands though, I don't like how the show became all about Amy Pond.

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