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Doctor Who Series 8 2014: Teaser Trailer

Too Short

By Robert T. Trate     May 23, 2014
Source: BBC

Doctor Who on BBC America.
Are you ready for the return of Doctor Who? Here is the first teaser trailer of Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who in the TARDIS. 

Press Release: On the heels of the Doctor’s recent regeneration, BBC AMERICA has released the first image of the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It), who stepped on set today for his first full day of filming for season eight of the hit series. Capaldi made his first appearance as the Doctor in the show’s 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, before formally taking over the iconic role in the 2013 Christmas special. Starring alongside Jenna Coleman (Death Comes to Pemberley) as companion Clara, Capaldi will next appear in season eight of Doctor Who, which premieres this August!

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wrrlykam 5/24/2014 3:45:17 AM

August, that's an odd time to start a new season, but less time to wait I guess.

Moz72 5/24/2014 9:31:40 AM

That's a teaser? More like.. Blink and you'll miss it!

Dazzler 5/25/2014 7:22:48 AM

And not really a date set?  Have they not had enough time to get a specific date set? 

bluejester 5/25/2014 9:49:07 PM

 Slender-Who!  Plus, it looks like they are blowing up the TARDIS console again so they can re-imagine it.  Shame really because not only did I like this new look with a blend of future and retro; but I don't see the constant need to change the TARDIS interior everytime a new Who takes over.

Redshirt1 5/26/2014 1:13:14 PM

I suspect the theory of changing the TARDIS is because it is alive and sentient. The TARDIS forms a psycological connection to the Timelord using it. When that psychology changes as is the case in regeneration, the TARDIS also changes to match that new psychology. 

almostunbiased 5/27/2014 6:47:38 PM

I've been waiting for this.  I swear it was supposed to be in June originally.  According to things I've read.  The Doctor can only regenerate a certain number of times and this is the last one.  Wonder how they will rewrite that so they can keep going.



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