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karas1 1/5/2013 7:19:19 AM

With  the New Who it really is hard sometimes to remember that The Doctor is supposed to be an alien.  His emotiional responses are so human.

I think I preferred it when The Doctor was alien.  He LOOKED like a human and could easily pass for one with casual contact.  But he wasn't a human and didn't think like one.

Of course each actor put his own spin on the character.  Hartnell and Troughton were before my time and I've only seen a few of their episodes on DVD.  But from what I've heard Hartnell was cranky and Troughton was kind of sweet.  Pertwee was all dashing derring do.  Tom Baker was strange, alien, unpredictable.  Davidson was a kinder, gentler Doctor but with a core of steel.  Colin Baker was obnoxious which was, well, it was new...  Sylvester McCoy was mysterious and secretive.

Eccleston was bitter and angry, the last survivor of his people with tremendous guilt issues.  He was borderline suicidal upon occasion.  Tennant was a man who was coping with his issues, at least until Waters of Mars.  Matt Smith is, well, I'm not quite sure.  He's kind of all over the place.  He IS unpredictable but in a way that seems more mentaly ill than alien.  I don't hate him but he'll never be one of my favorite Doctors.

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