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Does FLASH Have a Director?

Plus: IRON MAN 2, TRANSFORMERS 3, WANTED 2 and more!

By Rob M .Worley     February 26, 2010
Source: Various

Does 'Flash' have a director? Plus: New footage from 'Iron Man 2'. 'Transformers 3' goes to Moscow. Jolie ditches 'Wanted 2' and more! Pouring one out for our lost homies, it's your Comics2Film 10.2.26!



Sapp Takes CONAN Role

Latino Review reports that MMA fighter-turned-actor Bob Sapp will appear in the upcoming 'Conan' movie.

Sapp will play Ukafa, a great warrior whose fighting prowess is unrivaled until he meets Conan (played by Jason Momoa). The film shoots in Bulgaria next month under the direction of Marcus Nispel ('Friday the 13th').



IRON MAN 2 Behind the Scenes Footage

MSN France has posted a 3:30 minute video detailing the filming of 'Iron Man 2' on location on Monaco. In addition to interview stock, we also get to see a bit more of Whiplash's attack on Tony Stark during the Grand Prix race. There's about 1:30 of new footage followed by the recent trailer.

Check it out!

A big thanks to Edward Mazmanian of the Marvel Movie Group on Facebook

and to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Own a Piece of IRON MAN

Fans headed to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) in April will have a chance to pick up some props and costumes that were featured in the 'Iron Man' movie.

Auction house Propworx Inc. will be selling items to the highest bidder. Tony Stark’s Convoy Missile, the Hero Schematic Drawings of Mark I drafted inside the cave, Hero Completed Mark I Mask and Iron Man Hero Mark II RT Unit are among the nearly 225 'Iron Man' props

C2E2 happens April 16-18, 2010. If you're not going to be at the show, you can still take part online in real time at Following the live auction in Chicago, other IRON MAN collectable items will be made available to fans on eBay.



TRANSFORMERS 3 Heads to Chi-town, Moscow

Michael Bay's official website tells us that, like its predecessor,  'Transformers 3' will hit some interesting locations. Apparently there'll be "big action sequences" filming in Chicago and Moscow.

Filming on the sequel is set to begin this summer.



Jolie Doesn't Want WANTED Sequel?

The Vulture gossip blog at New York Magazine says Universal's plans for a 'Wanted' sequel may have hit a major stumbling block. While the studio wanted Angelina Jolie to return for the sequel, sources say that she's pulled out in favor of Alfonso Cuarón's 'Gravity'.

As a result Universal has allegedly halted development of the sequel, rather than do it without her.

Thanks to fft5305 for the submission.



Millar to KICK-ASS at Glasgow Theater Today

Fans of Mark Millar may want to hurry over to the Glasgow Film Theater at 4pm today. The comics creator will be there presenting 'Kick-Ass'.

On his message boards he tells fans, "No, not the whole film. But I'll be talking on stage for almost TOO long and showing whatever little clips I can fit in my pockets."

Unfortunately, there's a very good chance the event is already sold out, but give the theater a call if you're interested.



Berlanti To Direct THE FLASH Movie?

Greg Berlanti is well-known to TV fans as the creator of such shows as 'Eli Stone', 'Brothers and Sisters' and 'Dirty, Sexy Money'. He's more recently popped on the fan radar as the producer and co-writer of the hotly-anticipated 'Green Lantern' movie.

Now, is reporting that Warner Bros. is looking at Berlanti as the director of 'The Flash' movie. Fans may recall that Berlanti was considered as a director for 'Green Lantern' as well, although Martin Campbell eventually filled that role. Apparently all the work he's put in on that franchise have Warner ready to entrust the scarlet speedster to him.

The recently-formed DC Entertainment has started tapping the comic book writers to aid in the development of their superhero films. Last summer Geoff Johns came on board 'The Flash' to develop a film treatment, which has been converted into a screenplay by Dan Mazeau.

If Warner puts these key pieces into place, all they need is a leading man and 'The Flash' will be speeding into theaters flash!

What do you think, Maniacs? Is Berlanti a good draw for directing THE FLASH? Who should play the character on the big screen? Post your comments below...

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.


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Matador 2/26/2010 7:29:37 AM

I thought Jolie popped her own cap in the 1st Wanted movie how was she supoosed to come back from that. Besides she not that vital for a 2nd run of a Wanted movie waste of money on her just find another hot chick that cost less.

Calibur454 2/26/2010 7:57:58 AM

matador- apparently according to rumnors- wesley managed to get fox into a healing chamber before her vitals were comletey gone and managed to save her life but the bullet is still lodged in her brain that causes a lot of problems for her- (these are the rumors i have heard anyway)

It is a set back but i agree jolie doesn't need to be in the sequel for wanted 2

With transformers 2 being so awful i'm not even going to bother watching 3

Chadghostal 2/26/2010 8:28:01 AM

I'm glad to see there is some movement on the Flash movie (no pun intended). I really hope that they start of with Barry Allen, since it would seem kind of unfair to shoot directly to Wally.

Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies, The Fall) would be perfect as Barry I think. Plus just imagine all of the pun headlines they could have if Lee Pace was the Flash.

Wiseguy 2/26/2010 8:34:29 AM

I'd love to own some IM props, maybe if they hit hit the e-bay circuit

Transformers 3? Yeah I hear the groans while at the same time you're buying tickets through Fandango

Greg Berlanti doesn't have enough under his belt to make an educated opinion as far as directing the Flash. I just hope DC/WB have done their diligence and chosen correctly

Sapp is one big mother effer. They should get some bodybuilders to fill some of those roles as well.

I don't care for Wanted nor the book, profanity alone a good stoy does not make. Plus by bringing Jolie back they were going re-nuke the fridge

GLCorpsMember 2/26/2010 9:03:24 AM

While I'd prefer to see a more established director helm the Flash, I'll give Berlanti this.  1) He did do a lot of work getting GL up and on it's feet.  One could arguably say that it was because of his work that it even got green lit in the first place.  2) if he's working on a scipt by Geoff Johns, The Flash may very well direct itself and 3) He does appreciate and respect these characters and I think he'll work hard to be true to them but to prove himself as a credible director.  I say give him a chance.

gauleyboy420 2/26/2010 10:17:46 AM

I'd love to see a flash movie, torn as to whether I'd want Wally or Barry. Obviously Barry is first, but I grew up with Wally, and always thought he had a better personality. Especially like the Bruce Timm, wisecrackin' Wally West...

Wanted was OK, for an average action flick, but wish they had stayed true to the source material.

Wiseguy, I'm not groaning as I buy my TF:3 tix. I love me some fighting trucks and planes.

Wiseguy 2/26/2010 11:09:23 AM

GLCorpsMember I agree with most of what you're saying but nothing directs itself. I don't care who writes it, a director has too much input and creative decisions to say that it don't matter who helms it

gauley, I'm with you. Though I don't have the same affinity since I never followed the toons or comics but the films are pure spectacle. I just hope that the next Transformers is in 3D, it just makes the popcorn taste better.

jfdavis 2/26/2010 12:38:13 PM

There'll be action sequences in TF3? I'm shocked! But will there be dog-humping, stoned mothers and robots you can't tell apart with testicles because that's what made TF2 cool... (That was sarcasm for those without a roadmap...)

If Geoff Johns can do half of what he's done with Smallville, the Flash will be awesome.  Choosing between Barry and Wally is tricky. I'd go with Barry since GL is Hal, not to mention a cooler origin, but the Michael Rosenbaum-voiced Wally was totally awesome.  Not counting Impulse, there are only 2 Flashes and 4 GLs yet there was no discussion which to go with in that movie.  I think that's interesting. Sure, Hal is back but Barry is now too...

GLCorpsMember 2/26/2010 2:11:29 PM

Gauley I'm the same.  Don't know who I want more.  Like you, I love Wally and agree he's got a lot more character and personality.  Of course Barry hasn't been around in the modern comic world until recently so one can easilty blame it on the writers of the time!  From a fan point of view, I'd be fine to start with Wally.  From a franchise perspective I guess I'd have to say start with Barry so that you have somewhere to go in future installments.

I'd even go a step further about Michael Rosenbaum.  I think he should play the live action Flash.  I mean the guy just looks like Wally!!  Beef him up a bit and there you go.  That's Wally.  He has such a great take on that character.  He may not be perfect but WB would be foolish not to at least consider him.

Wiseguy I didn't mean that literally of course.

Wiseguy 2/26/2010 2:49:45 PM

I have to go with Barry all the way. I'm cool with the wisecracks and all but not all superheroes need to be smart mouths. Besides I've never been a big fan of the whole speed force thing which I'd guess they'd have to introduce since having the same accident that transformed Barry happen again to Wally has always been a weak part of his story IMO. And I never liked him having kids with powers, guess you could say that I think Wally is way inferior in pretty much every way except for his Spiderman "banter" imitation

GLCorpsMember, not to belabor the point but I know you didn't mean it literally of course. But you seem to be implying that a less than qualified director can pull it off if they're working from John's script, which I still disagree


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