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Orci out as Star Trek 3 Director (Article) - 12/6/2014 11:30:21 PM

Most Writer do become Directors , though Orci was been with Star Trek for quite awhile. James Gun is busy writing the next GOTG film .Imn sure Paramont will pick  someone , even though Nimoy or Shatner would be my choice .

The Walking Dead Spin off Casts 2 Actors (Article) - 12/4/2014 8:56:10 PM

I just read that Cliff Curtis will be the lead Actor in the series , I know Him by bit parts in such films as Training Day as the Spanish Cousin of the Girl Ethan Hawlke saved in the alley and Three Kings.

Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange (Article) - 12/4/2014 7:38:43 PM

He wouldnt had been My choice , but hey least They casted a top Actor for the part . They can still do a semi origin story in flashbacks , since Strange was a stuck up Surgeon who was in a bad car accident making His hands messed up. They did the MOS in flashbacks which I think they should do with Strange. The next big thing is the casting of  Mordo and the Master . I always was a big fan of Ditko's artwork I hope they base some of the effects on His artwork.

James Bond 24 Title, Cast, and Poster (Article) - 12/4/2014 7:22:28 PM

Finally , the rumors were true . I heard about Bautista though the Dalily Mirror who was leaking stuff  and about Scott late last night on the  007 site . I read about last year that Sony paid a hefty price from McClorys Estate for the rights for Blofeld and SPECTRE. That explains why the rewrite and the late casting and title .Before the film was suppose to tie in with Skyfall , but that may had changed . Im glad they finally melded  the new  series with the past series , now that They have Q MoneyPenny , now they need to use the 007 theme at the begainning with the sniper site to complete Bond . Looking forward to this film .

Terminator Genisys - Motion Poster Arrives (Article) - 12/3/2014 10:54:20 PM

Such a waste of money to dump it on this has been series . Im sure others here can think of other series that been ended too short only because they didnt make enough money. " Rise of the Machines " , it was a good movie an should had ended there , now they pulling a " JJ, Star Trek type reboot " with a new cast an changing stuff. Come on ,  Let sleeping dogs lie.

James Bond #24 Title and Cast Announced Thursday! (Article) - 12/3/2014 10:45:31 PM

I just read a acticle on Craig about how pissed He was over Austin Powers. He said He liked the series , but it hurt Bond  an made them take the humor of of Bond because of it . I can see why , look what Galaxy Quest did to Star Trek , it killed the series

The Walking Dead Spin off Casts 2 Actors (Article) - 12/3/2014 1:52:44 AM

This should be interesting to see where this group will be and take place at . Another thing I wonder who will be ahead of this series as for Writers. I mean theres no books to follow , so this will be fresh and I hope there some military Personal in the group in this one, not just regular People like the other show.

James Bond #24 Title and Cast Announced Thursday! (Article) - 12/3/2014 1:40:24 AM

Cool , 2 days till We know finally about this long awaited film. I would love it if they titled it it " Kill Bond Now ! ". but that would be too simple , they like use  words that We never heatrd of . We heard the rumors of the cast , Im  just happy that they can get this film rolling so its out by next December. Bring back  SPECTRE !!!

The Walking Dead: Coda Review (Article) - 12/2/2014 2:49:37 PM

I wasnt surpised about Beth , they said a major character would die in this episode . Yes , this season is darker , seems Daryl has lost all His humanity . Now Mogan is a mystery , the last time we saw him he was quite out of His mind now calm an dressed like Densel Washingtons Eli on a quest to finf the gang or something else ? Also it looks like He is a few months behind them .

Jurassic World Trailer Has Arrived (Article) - 11/27/2014 1:51:43 PM

Its hard to recapture the thrill of that first film, wow 20 years ago , but We have been tamed by the sequels and Godzilla . Theres not much to be in awe about only a better cast . The other sequels were like You cant kill a CGI  creature, so unless they off some of them with some cool guns  , I aint interested.  LOL


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