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Hannibal: Takiawase Review (Article) - 3/24/2014 9:34:34 PM

Thanks for that good review , Too bad this shows on a friday night an doesnt get any promtion to get People to watch it . I only heard about it by chance . I have ON DEMAND an watched the first 2 shows an friday the one that was reviewed here.Yeah Hopkins perforamce made this role His , but Mad Mikkelsen  take on the role an goes a step futher .His manners are so perfect , stone face , always 2 steps ahed of the others an His relationship to Will , is like they are the same Person . The freaky serial killer of the week , with plots like putting a bee hive inside a Person head and another making a orgy of dead bodies  sewn together an silconed . Cant wait to see what next week holds for us . I had to do a double take on Anderson , now a blonde You would never know it was Scully from the X-Files.

Hannibal: Hassun Review (Article) - 3/23/2014 5:04:33 PM

I havent seen this show , because I dont watch many shows on that channel , but ON DEMAND had the season 2  episode when Mad is makig a meal and Fisboure walks in , and just by a glance sets off one of brutal great fights . That just pulled Me to tune in ! Awesome . Its a little hard to watch to catch things right away , but the editing  an Mad Mikkelsen is terrific to watch , the way He creates this character in His own way, but  His posture an cool with that stone face . I just wished I saw the first season ,. I tape them each week now on my DVD recorder . Hannibal isnt for the weak , the storyline deals with some gross stuff , but if  You a enjoy a good story along with great acting this maybe right for You .

The Walking Dead: Alone Review (Article) - 3/12/2014 7:15:41 PM

If You remember season 2 , the whole thing about a missing kid and the farm  , an also character development, but really was low budget . This season been very uneven , seems they are stalling to figure a  way to explain things. Also , many new fans havent read the books dont know things that many of You know . Some how or way they will regroup , sins forgotten and be a merry group once more . So far other than the Govenor side story , this season the show in  trouble.

The Shadow Collectors Edition Blu-ray Review (Article) - 3/12/2014 6:49:38 PM

I was really disappointed at  this film . Yeas , I agree It had a good begaining , then after that it turned in a self pardy of this mighty character. Alec Balwin , who at the time was shown promice as a leading action star , got bloated and fat , after His marriage went down the drain. Resently , I bought a grafhic comic called the Shadow written an draw by Garth Ennis and Cambell , which was a very good book . I have a bunch of old radio shows and The Shadow is one of them . The Shadow could use  any story from the radio shows , and find another leading star.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Clip - In Pursuit (Article) - 3/12/2014 6:31:20 PM

Wonder why Rumlow and St, Pierre arent as same as the comic book counterparts an Brillo , You see saving Cap on that boat on the trailer . Still looks good .

Mania Review: 300: Rise of an Empire (Article) - 3/9/2014 6:38:29 PM

saw the weelkend gross , $45 million

The Spring of '84: Repo Man (Article) - 3/8/2014 10:20:57 PM

I remember this movie well , back in 85 ' We didnt have cable yet in the area where I lived,, so I got Super TV . it would come on at 430pm till midnight an this film was played over an over .  I remember the glowing thing in the trunk , This made Emilio Esteves  more roles to come.

Mania Review: 300: Rise of an Empire (Article) - 3/8/2014 10:11:26 PM

I enjoyed 300  , and the Tv show Spartacus that was like a movie each week , so this sequel  with the  navel battles  will entertain Me as well . Cant say I ever heard of Sullivan Stapleton , but then when 300 came out I never heard of Gerard Butler either . This formula of sword fightinng an naked women sounds good to Me.

Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray Review (Article) - 3/8/2014 9:56:20 PM

I thought this movie stunk , I bought it and tried to watch it twice . Why must Loki be in every film  Thor in ? why not go out at say its The New Thor and Loki movie ?  Then the price of the bluray without the standard  DVD at the price @$19 . If i  did buy the combo I would had to bought the 3D disc. I wish I had something more  positive about the film , cant think of any.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Official Instagram Teaser (Article) - 3/8/2014 9:45:35 PM

Looks good to Me , I was always a fan of those old classic film noir gangster films with Bogart , I liked the first and with Frank Miller aboard again makes the material more different than the first . About films being so far apart , look at Star Wars that even futher apart , I enjoyed seeing the first one back in 77', Im not ithrilled with  the last 3 films or the ones they are filming now .


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