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Full Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer (Article) - 12/7/2013 5:21:48 PM

Way too much CGI on Spiderman , it looks more like a video game . library rental

Fast & Furious 7 Production Delayed (Article) - 12/7/2013 2:18:28 AM

Paul Walker , died too young , and hearing the stories about Him , He seemed a very cool Dude that didn't let Hollywood go to His head and extended kindness and help support needy People . No He wasn't at all a very good Actor , but had heart and that counts a lot . I think FF7 wont be back in production for a long while , or if they do decide to still make the film now without Paul Walker. In my town they are having a  Charity in His honor , most of the muscle cars in town will be there.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Stan Lee Message (Article) - 11/27/2013 4:51:41 PM

Stan Lee MADE Marvel , but Disney will milk it to death !

The Walking Dead: Dead Weight Review (Article) - 11/26/2013 6:42:39 PM

Strange when the Governor takes over the first half of the season with better stories than Rick and the coughers.I like how instead of a showcase of heads the Govenor is  now making a lake with pete the zombie as His first . Boy He did a nasty on Martinez too. The Goveror may had been shaken some , but He is truly a control freak and is building His new army. Looking forward to next sunday after football .

Winona Ryder for Beetlejuice 2? (Article) - 11/21/2013 6:30:16 PM

I hope they recapture the magic that made the first so funny . Also was going though some old stuff an found 2 old Cinescape Magazines , and to any new PPl this site was called that years ago.

The Walking Dead: Live Bait Review (Article) - 11/20/2013 9:45:17 PM

The poor ol Goverenor had a mental break down , stood a round the campfire looking like Snake Pissken , finds a house with some girls , lucks out with one of them , but when He burns that picture , all was left was the face of His Daughter , and that brought Him back around for a moment .

ROBOCOP: Official International Trailer (Article) - 11/20/2013 9:29:22 PM

The New Hollywood , rather play it safe by making more re-makes . They know the Public knows the film . In 10 years they will remake Iron man.

Need For Speed: Full-length Trailer (Article) - 11/19/2013 4:34:50 PM

I rather play the game than see the movie . Girls will want to see it because of Paul , an hope their dorky B/F 's like the crash , boom effects Its a no-big star car flick that will be forgotten in 2 weeks .

Its A Wonderful Life Sequel (Article) - 11/19/2013 4:24:34 PM

Strange how a site about movies and so many People haven't seen this classic movie here !

Mission Impossible 5 for 12-25-15 (Article) - 11/14/2013 5:31:25 PM

I hope they bring back the same Director from the last film .


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