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DVD Shopping Bag Column: Criterion Collection Blu-rays for the Summer (Article) - 5/8/2012 11:11:42 PM

I was trying to get Robinson Cruise on Mars from 1964 , gosh for the Criterion  edition was $30 on Amazon . way  too much for my pockets .Ill wait till i find it on TCM channel .

Total Recall International Trailer (Article) - 5/8/2012 11:05:24 PM

No one gets their azz  to Mars !  Not in this remake.

New Prometheus TV Spot (Article) - 5/8/2012 11:03:00 PM

gezz , Ill be so glad when this movie comes out an ppl stop yapping about the Avenger an Batman movies.

DC New 52 Second Wave Reviews (Article) - 5/8/2012 10:59:31 PM

Marvel may rule at the movies ,but DC rules at the comics . better Artists an stories .

First Look: The Lizard (Article) - 5/5/2012 1:15:27 AM

I think this movie is going to surpise many even myself . I wasnt sure about this reboot , but when I heard an saw a few pixs an theses photos, The Lizard looks very creepy . Looking forward to adding this movie to my list of movies  to see this summer.

Cruise is Van Helsing (Article) - 5/3/2012 1:21:19 AM

True  , Cruise  needs to change His image , He tried in Valkyrie , but it seems in every movie He is being chased , that needs  to change too .Perhaps now He can do the hunting , and not be Ethan Hunt !

Star Trek 2: Villain Revealed (Article) - 5/1/2012 10:19:43 PM

Why be so negative about what you havent even saw a trailer or any plotlines for ?  .Just because they are reusing a  Character from  46 yrs ago doent mean its the same plot . The only thing that irks me is that I dont know much of this Actor . I dont think this will be a remake  , it should be entertaining to see what they can do , time will tell.

Bond 24 in 2014 (Article) - 4/30/2012 1:37:13 AM

I would stil have a choice between Collin Farell or Clive Owens for the role of Bond . Fassbender isnt My choice at all ! As for Lazenby , I thought His film ohmss was one of the best Bond films that was close to the novels . Only He got fired after one film cuz The studio made Connery come back for one more film due to a contract . The real issue is that Im glad Bond is back on film again . I hope these new studio guys at Sony dont start messing with the character or any type of reboot. If Craig comes back its fine with Me.

Mania Review: Safe (Article) - 4/27/2012 11:18:05 PM

The Dude got His start in England in Guy Richie films , came over to the States doing a few films with Jet Li in action films , but also did good in team up films such as THE ITALIAN JOB and THE EXPENDABLES , but got caught up with the low budget films as THE TRANSPORTER films . I though His breck-out movie would had been THE MECHANIC , it seemed a very well produced film . KILLER ELITE was ok .Then here He is in SAFE . This Guy needs a NEW AGENT ! He can handle humor . He needs to build up some Female fans an should do a different type of movie , perhaps a funny love film ? (LOL) He needs a new casting agent and  not to keep playing a secert agent !

Machete Kills Update (Article) - 4/22/2012 12:38:53 AM

sound like a tax write-off to me, and  a way to laundry money on  a useless film !


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