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Dan Reese
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June 25, 2008
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April 24, 2015
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I have a pet rock named ' rocky ', ill live at home with my parents till im 60 yrs old . i had a cat , it ran away , i had a g/f , she ran away , i had the crabs , they stayed ! i had a plant and someone smoked it !
United States
yeah was there
Glass Glazer
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Too may to list
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Justified/ walking dead/ Babylon 5/ combat//Time Trax
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Ghost in Shell
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the freak brothers
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Winter Soldier/ Walking Dead / The Shadow/Creepy
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Batman -Arkham City/ Red Dead Redemption/Captain America ;SuperSolider
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any classic film noir / westerns /sci/fi


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domino2008 1/14/2010 1:04:36 AM

Hey , im a " trek-head " from way back . I very thought the last movie was great , but many holes in the plot . by changing the time -line caused many changes , but , yea , the ship wasnt that modern when the ENTERPRISE , was on its madian flight . also the unforms the hair styles an where the hell were the mini-skrits ?????. Well  at least they showe the Kirk-kick  in the bar an i know he gotta a few years till he can kick some KLINGON azz  or even a GORN . I was kinda shocked at the scene in the movie when Spock jetison Kirk off the ship . that wasnt logical . an making KIirk a Captain at the end of the movie was a bit too fast  heck he wasnt really hardly a Cadet . And they used that flashlight cammera way too much in fight scenes between the ships . Besides all that i enjoyed the movie alot an hope they ' TWIT' the characters a lil better next time.  I look forward to more voyages of the starship ENTERPRISE .



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