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Don Murphy looks to 'We3' to cut through the clutter

    August 13, 2007

Producer Don Murphy told that he'll be seeking a director soon for the film adaptation of Grant Morrison's 'We3':

"[Morrison] wrote the comic and the script and it's the most insane mash-up in the history of movies if we pull it off. It's 'The Incredible Journey' meets 'Terminator.' Basically, the animals have been experimented on by the government and they're put into these combat suits, and then they escape and want to go home, and the government's like, 'They're heavily armed. Get them!' It's very cool."

"We do films that we like to see," Murphy explained. "We tend to think that you gotta cut through the clutter, so you gotta do something that people haven't seen before. 'Terminator animals' or a horror film about people that watch horror films or Kim Basinger fighting for her life, these are all things that you haven't seen before."


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