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Donner Climbing Into CRAZY TAXI

Richard Donner is looking to helm vid game movie.

By Frank Kurtz     July 02, 2001
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Sega's Crazy Taxi
© 2001 Sega of America

Richard Donner looks to be setting up a big screen version of Sega's CRAZY TAXI video game, with plans to direct as well as produce.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the game's movie rights had been previously acquired by Goodman/Rosen Prods. G/R then took the property to the Donners Co., who look to have scooped it up for future production.

Gary Goodman spoke of the property, saying, "We realize Sega is a giant worldwide brand and that CRAZY TAXI has been a hit at arcades and on video game systems. We feel we can turn this game into a mass-market picture."

His partner, Barry Rosen adds, "This property already has built-in awareness in the U.S., Japan and Europe; our job now is to make a good movie."

Plans are to craft the film as an action-comedy for a future summer release.

The intensely interactive game is set in an extremely authentic San Francisco where virtually everything the player encounters (or hits) has a unique reaction.


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