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Doom III PC Expansion and Midway!

By James Stevenson     February 25, 2005

Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP).
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I recently had the opportunity to check out the upcoming expansion to DOOM III on the PC, RESURRECTION OF EVIL. Not only does it feature a new (albeit shorter) adventure, it also has new weapons, enemies, locations and most importantly, eight-player deathmatch support.

Taking place a couple years after DOOM III, ROE puts you at the source of a mysterious signal on Mars. As we all know, this can't end well. No one has been on Mars since hell was opened up, but now you're going back. Early in the game you'll discover an item called the relic, which looks like a big heart with a hand grenade handle. This item allows you to use some of the special abilities you swipe from bosses. These abilities (such as slowing down time while you move at full speed) are useful against bosses as well as to get through the puzzle areas of the game.

One thing you'll notice about ROE is that the game takes place mostly in environments like the temples you saw in DOOM III. It helps vary things up a bit from the facilities you frequently ran through in the last game. In addition to remedies from the first game, your flashlight is built into your suit now, and the double barreled shotgun is back in the game.

Another nifty feature is the Levitation Weapon that works a lot like the gravity gun from HALF-LIFE 2. There are lots of cool physics effects with the gun and though it might seem like just a rip-off of HL2, it actually has its own features and is a great addition to the game.

The other great part of the game that I spent the most time with was the multiplayer. I did ok against a team of guys who are more used to the PC games. We played everything from straight deathmatch to capture the flag. You'll be happy to hear that the game supports 8-players and looks beautiful doing it. All in all, RESURRECTION OF EVIL looks to be great.


I had a chance to get an early peek at some of the games Midway has coming up for this year. On the immediate horizon are MORTAL KOMBAT: DECEPTION for the GameCube, AREA 51, NARC and UNREAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2. While AREA 51 and UNREAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2 should be great, NARC is looking a bit weak and MK on GCN will only excite the Nintendo-only crowd.

But the real cool stuff at the event was what's still a bit away from release. John Romero was on hand to show the new Gauntlet, which looks to be a bit of a deeper version of the classic game and features online support. While it remains to be seen if the game will be compelling through a huge dungeon crawl, it seems to be headed in the right direction.

Also shown was the latest MORTAL KOMBAT game, SHAOLIN MONKS. Ed Boon demoed it to the crowd and it seemed as if it could be an interesting hybrid of MORTAL KOMBAT fighting and an adventure game. There seem to be plenty of secrets and given how well DECEPTION did, SHAOLIN MONKS should be a huge hit with the legions of MK fans out there.

L.A. RUSH was shown and looked a bit rough in its early stage. However, there seems to be a lot of potential for a giant L.A. with tons of ramps. It seems similar in some ways to NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 2, but perhaps a bit more free-roaming. Whether or not the fun-spirit of the arcade game is held over into this latest console franchise remains to be seen.

Midway also showed off its newest ARCADE TREASURES which was a set its classic racing games. Should be a hit with fans of the retro gaming and give gamers a great deal for twenty bucks. Also talked about was Midway's acquisition of the Adult Swim franchise and how the company wants to make a cool game that will hold the attention of the older gamers.

Perhaps the most exciting game for some will be THE SUFFERING: TIES THAT BIND. Taking place in the streets of Baltimore, TIES THAT BIND is just as terrifying, creepy and action-packed as the last game. You'll once again feel trapped in the city and in the dark, and be facing enemies that depict horrors. The game does take another trip through a prison, and once again you can choose your path. The weapons and action have been ramped up, and I will admit there is something satisfying about using a rocket launcher to kill one of the blade enemies.

The graphics in the game have gotten a major facelift as well. One area in the demo we played was an absolutely stunning scene in front of the giant marquee of a movie theatre. There is still that grainy "shot on video" look that is awesome. Fans of horror games should be looking forward to TIES THAT BIND.


Quite a few big games next week, DEVIL MAY CRY 3 has gotten a lot of great early publicity. FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 2. STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO is going to be another top-notch game. Should be yet another good week for games if you can pull yourself away from GRAN TURISMO 4.


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