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Doomed JLA, More Mutants & Ant Man!

This week's weekly round up of Top Rumors!

By Jarrod Sarafin, News Editor     February 22, 2008

A snapshot of the Justice League.
© DC Comics
Welcome to another edition of Top Maniacal Rumors of the Week!
For this week’s list, Mania does its best fly on the wall routine to get updates on the mega-hyped Justice League movie, the final Harry Potter production and a couple of Marvel adaptations.
Justice League Put on Hold?
The Rumor:Warner Brothers has delayed production of the DC comic adaptation of Justice League of America from mid-2008 to 2010 due to script revisions and a booking conflict with the cast.
The Source:Australia’s Herald-Sun newspaper
The Mania Verdict: FALSE---Neither of the stated reasons require a two-year delay in production. While it’s true that some of the booked stars have new acting gigs elsewhere, it’s unlikely that they’re locked up until 2010. As for script rewrites, WB executives have already said they love the JLA script from Kieran and Michele Mulroney, so a full screenplay overhaul is probably not necessary.
The Rumor:A bizarre clip appearing on several sites is actually leaked footage from Spike Jonze’s upcoming adaptation of the classic children’s tale Where the Wild Things Are.
The Source:A range of sites, including YouTube.
The Mania Verdict:FALSE---Director Spike Jonze set the record straight:
 “That was a very early test with the sole purpose of just getting some footage to Ben our vfx [visual effects] supervisor to see if our vfx plan for the faces would work. The clip doesn’t look or feel anything like the movie, the Wild Thing suit is a very early cringy prototype, and the boy is a friend of ours Griffin who we had used in a Yeah Yeah Yeahs video we shot a few weeks before. We love him, but he is not actually in the film...Oh and that is not a wolf suit, it’s a lamb suit we bought on the internet.”
Bionic Woman Officially Canceled by NBC?
The Rumor: After months of speculation, NBC officially axed the reboot of the iconic 1970s action series.
The Mania Verdict: TRUE---While NBC still hasn’t made an official announcement on the fate of the show, the WGA strike and negative press have conspired against the series since day one.
David Yates to Direct Final Harry Potter Film?
The Rumor:While updating the project status for her film The Giver, author Lois Lowry indicated that director David Yates (Order of the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince) may be returning for the final Harry Potter film, which is scheduled to begin production in Feb. 2009.
The Mania Verdict: MAYBE—Order of the Phoenix was the second-highest grossing Potter film and series producers have already shown a penchant for asking back directors (i.e. Christopher Columbus and Alfonso Cuaron). All of them have expressed interest in returning for The Deathly Hallows so it’s a toss up among Columbus, Yates and Cuaron. Guillermo del Toro is also a possibility, but rumors linking him to the upcoming Hobbit film (which shares shooting dates) make it slim.
Marvel Characters Gambit, Wraith and Deadpool to Appear in Wolverine?
The Rumor: In the upcoming Hugh Jackman-led Wolverine prequel, Ryan Reynolds stars as mercenary Deadpool, Covenant star Taylor Kitsch will play fan-favorite Gambit, a card loving superhero from New Orleans, and Black Eyed Peas frontman will portray the “Weapon X” character John Wraith.
The Source: Superhero Hype & ComingSoon posted the Gambit/Dead Pool rumors, which was later confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter. The Blob news came from FilmSchoolRejects.
The Mania Verdict: TRUE---All casting announcements have been backed up by the Hollywood Reporter. Unconfirmed rumors remain about a cameo from The Blob.
Plot Concept Revealed for Pixar’s Toy Story 3?
The Rumor:The plot concept for Pixar's upcoming Toy Story 3 found its way online. The gist: “Woody the cowboy and his toy-box friends are dumped in a day-care center after their owner, Andy, leaves for college.”
Mania Verdict:TRUE---While the film’s production has a long way to go, considering the source, this one has legs. The concept feels realistic, too, as the last jaunt into Woody’s world was in 1999, which means by the time the next film is released (2010), the character Andy would realistically be in his college years.
Shaun of the Dead’s Edgar Wright Directing Ant Man?
The Rumor:One of Marvel Studios’ high priority projects on the horizon, Ant Man, about a shrinking superhero who can communicate with insects, will be directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz).
Source:Edgar Wright at Empire Online
Mania Verdict:TRUE--- With Wright hinting for some time now about entering the world of comics, the following quote fits the bill:
I finished the script and I'm having a meeting about it next week. But it depends which comes first in the queue basically. I've been working on two at once, and I'm also about to start developing two more scripts, one of which is with Simon [Pegg]. It could be Scott Pilgrim is next or it could be Ant Man, we shall see.”


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AzuLTaLoN 2/21/2008 11:39:12 PM
the ant man movie just interesting for me, i love shaun of the dead and hot fuzz. does anyone know when run fatboy run is going to be released here, i'm dying to see that movie.
NotAFan 2/22/2008 2:45:04 AM
Antman?...Really?...Antman? [sigh] The world just doesn't make sense anymore!
squidward247 2/22/2008 5:12:23 AM
I'd rather see a ROM Spaceknight movie than Antman - wait Antman was in a few issues of the ROM comic.
ryanwareham 2/22/2008 6:17:54 AM
Starring Simon Pegg as Ant man and Nick Frost as the ant!!
monkeyfoot 2/22/2008 7:03:14 AM
One of the JLA rumors was that it wasn't going to have Batman or Superman in it and focus on Green Arrow & Lantern. That one couldn't possibly be true. What would be the point of making the movie if all the original members weren't there? Not that I'm super enthused that they want to make a JLA movie at all. The other Wild Things movie rumor is that Spike Jonze's footage was too weird and scary for children and they might have to re-shoot. Who knows?
fft5305 2/22/2008 7:31:52 AM
I'm hoping WB takes advantage of the delay afforded by the strike and pays attention to the fans. I don't think *anyone* is happy with the direction they're going with JLA. I haven't seen one single article or post in favor of JLA 90210. I understand their desire to get an affordable cast, but there are ways to save money on the budget without going to 20-something actors trying to break into film from Fox and CW teen shows.
SONYMANswallows 2/22/2008 10:24:55 AM
Couple of questions regarding JLA 1. What actually came from WB officially regarding this project? Am I wrong in saying that the only people confirming WB execs like the script was the rumormill? I am not saying Mania didnt investigate cause it seems like every source on this has been speculation confirmations. 2. What was the original reason for rushing this before the strike? Was WB actually that paranoid about a strike lasting years? They cant lose the rights. 3.I know dude who stomps yards was offered green Lantern and said it was "to much popcorn" but why are they going that route? Did they actually like Batman and Robin or is there like a religous sect keeping WB from making realistic comic films. I know Superman and Batman have been dark but now it seems WB wants to retreat to cheese over believability. What could be done to get Nolan and Bale involved in a multi hero film? I think SUPERMAX is still in pre production and putting that in Nolan's DC universe would be great but GA needs to be in ciostume at the beginning. Grab Canary and Hal Jordan. I really hope WB is rethinking this. When Brando tried to get Jimmy Caan to play Kal El the script was Spider Pig bad by that I mean Superman had dialogue like wee look at me, I can fly.
monkeyfoot 2/22/2008 11:12:46 AM
SONYman, I agree with you. I'd love to see the David S. Goyer idea for Supermax with GA alot more than a JL movie at this time. The execs probably see more dollar signs for a JLA movie, though, but I'd worry alot more about good quality for that idea being done right.
joeybaloney 2/22/2008 11:31:25 AM
Actually, I’d be all over a ROM Spaceknight movie. That was a great little body snatchers book with a giant freakin’ robot killing what looked to be normal humans. Could be good if handled right. Series did start suckin’ towards the end though. SONY – I read something about Bats & Supes not being in the JLA too. Forget if it was here or another site. Bats had been kicked out and Supes had been killed by Doomsday. Wouldn’t make much sense if this is an origin story though. On the other hand, having the other heroes as the focus isn’t a bad idea in my book.
SONYMANswallows 2/22/2008 11:44:07 AM
Monkey I agree and all projects Goyer is involved with are well made. By that I mean the film is pretty good quality. Even Blade 3 was very well made. The script just wreaked of arrogance and overcasting and Goyer was not ready to direct it. SuperMax should turn out well unless a bad deal is made and it gets abused in a hack deal.
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