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Douglas Adam's Last HITCHHIKER Novel

Late author's unfinished novel to be published.

By Frank Kurtz     November 19, 2001
Source: Reuters

HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE author Douglas Adams
© Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams' unfinished sixth and final HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE novel, A SALMON OF A DOUBT, will be published in 2002.

While talking to the UK's Sunday Telegraph, Adaam's agent, Ed Victor, revealed that the book to come was edited from files found on the late author's computer.

Victor explains, saying, "We have pored over Douglas's hard drive. There were so many different versions of the novel. He would take it and then revise it repeatedly so there were many files.

"As soon as he wrote anything he would say, 'Oh God, that's terrible'. He was a very, very self-critical author."

The book will be published in a compendium of the late author's final works in May 2002. The same book will also include his screenplay for the long developing HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY movie that the author had been developing with helmer Jay Roach.


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