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  • Audio Rating: C-
  • Video Rating: B-
  • Packaging Rating: B
  • Menus Rating: B
  • Extras Rating: C
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Region: 4 - Australia / South America
  • Released By: Madman Entertainment
  • MSRP: 24.95 AU
  • Running time: 60
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Dragon Ball Z

Dragonball Z: Androids - Invincible

    December 29, 2001

Dragonball Z: Androids - Invincible
© Madman Entertainment

What They Say
Episode #121: No Match For the Androids
In an earthshaking battle, the beautiful Android 18 brings Vegeta to his knees. But before she can deliver the final blow, Trunks steps in to help. Soon an all out war between good and evil begins, with the androids gaining the upper hand. Now the unhindered androids set their sights on the ultimate prize: Goku!

Episode #122: Last Ditch Effort
Struggling to recover from their fight with the androids, Vegeta, Trunks, Tien and Piccolo realize a grim truth: unless they can increase their powers quickly, they have no chance against the android trio. In a drastic move, Piccolo flies to Kami’s place high above the earth and makes a most unexpected proposal...

Episode #123: Closing In
The evil androids hit the road in hot pursuit of Goku but are delayed by some hyperactive hoodlums. Krillin and Trunks race to move Goku to a safer hiding place, while up in the clouds Kami wrestles with Piccolo’s difficult offer. Everyone is scheming of ways to stop the androids, but will any of them work?

Episode #124: Unwelcome Discovery
With the androids close behind, the Z-fighters retreat to Master Roshi’s house to plan their next move. And with Goku still in poor health, their list of options is short. Bulma makes a disquieting discovery, the wreckage of a second time capsule! Where did it come from, and more importantly, who was in it?

The Review!
How quickly fortunes change, as the Z-Fighters go from winning to being utterly screwed, and that’s without the brand new mystery threat just entering the picture on this, the last Android Saga disc.

Forever sealing this release of the series as low grade in my opinion, the audio is limited to the English dub. Yep, no option for the Japanese track. There are no technical problems with the dub track though, a fairly centered and clear sounding stereo mix.

The video is serviceable, but is rarely superior to TV or VHS quality, thanks to the age of the source materials. It’s a bit soft, but scratches and film damage are minimal.

After inserting the disc and sitting through the Interpole warning, Madman Entertainment and Funimation title screens, it leads directly onto the US DBZ is next program clip and then the opening titles before you even see the menu. The main menu is the default Madman DBZ standard, circular in nature with the cover art as the main background on this disc, and then the group shot of Androids 16, 17, 18 and 20 inside the circle section. The menu is easy to navigate with options to play the four episodes in large with scene selection underneath and to head for the Extras page. Clicking on any of the three scene selection options takes you to a single scene selection page with the choice of replaying the US DBZ is next/opening titles, four chapter points per episode and the end credits.

This disc has the same extras as the first volume, which was 7 discs ago. Sigh. The previous saga guide provides two pages of brief description for all the sagas before the present Androids Saga on this disc (i.e. Saiyan, Namek, Captain Ginyu, Frieza, Garlic Jr and Trunks Sagas). The character guide has 10 profiles on some of the major players in DBZ: Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Trunks, Frieza, Garlic Jr, Captain Ginyu and Raditz.

There is also a short 13 second promo for the official Australian Dragonball Z site, dragonballz.com.au.
At least some things remain the same as the US discs, with trailers for the Garlic Jr. Saga and upcoming Cell saga both on VHS. The final option on the Extras menu is the DVD credits, listing the three guys at Madman Interactive to thank for this DVD, after you point out the flawed nature of this disc lacking the Japanese language track.

On front with have the infamous Android 18 kissing Krillin on the cheek image. The cover is pretty much identical to the Region 1 version, apart from minor changes like the changed region globes (2 and 4), PAL format tags, Madman Entertainment emblem and the M 15+ rating sticker. I don’t find these ‘Uncut’ versions, at least on this disc, any more bloody or violent than the G TV version or the PG VHS version. The M 15+ rating means that only older fans can buy these, and that might scare off parents from buying the DVD versions for little Jimmy, heading for the ‘safer’ VHS version.

Inside front cover we have a large advertisement for Bardock: Father of Goku, below which is plugs for the other two DBZ DVDs released about the same time, Imperfect Cell –Encounter and History of Trunks, before finally having a checklist of all Madman’s already released DBZ discs. Disc side has an ad for DBZ themed Crazy Bones.

Continuing directly on from the Android 18/Vegeta fight from the pervious disc, Trunks refusal to let his father die sets off a domino effect as the Z-Fighters step in, which frees Android 17 to enter the fight. Both bad guys easily dispatching the heroes, save Krillin who gets an attack of willies and peck on the cheek from 18 as the Androids continue on their search for Goku. After pumping enough Senzu beans to revive them, Krillin and others come to a simple realization: They are soooo screwed.

Each deals with this in their own way. Krillin plans to move Goku to Master Roshi’s house. Vegeta pulls a princely temper tantrum and begins to question if he’s a real Super Saiyan. Piccolo flies to Kami’s Lookout and declares the unthinkable; he wants to rejoin with Kami. Normally Kami would be all for this, but he declines and decides to see how things will play out first.

The Androids have already lost interest in the other Z-Fighters, stealing a shockingly pink hued van and tooling about the countryside looking for fun as the head towards Goku’s house. Stealing clothes, dueling with police and a gang of bikers, the Androids seem to be mostly bored, in a counter point to the Z-Fighters who are almost losing it with fear. While moving Goku to Kame House, Bulma provides another puzzle. Another time capsule has been found, and it looks identical to Trunks, except it’s damaged and moss-covered. Who or what has come back in it?

Cue foreboding music folks, as the Androids take control of the battlefield with ease, and a threat even greater than they is sitting in the wings. The final Androids Saga disc has a minor and rather one-sided fighting at the start, but mostly serves to advance the story.

English Language,Character guide,Previous Saga guide,Next Saga trailer

Review Equipment
JNL-7001 DVD Player, Commodore 1802 PAL Color Monitor


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