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  • Audio Rating: B
  • Video Rating: B+
  • Packaging Rating: C-
  • Menus Rating: B
  • Extras Rating: C
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Region: 1 - North America
  • Released By: FUNimation Entertainment, Ltd.
  • MSRP: 24.95
  • Running time: 62
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Dragon Ball Z

Dragonball Z Movie #06: Return of Cooler

    November 30, 2002
Release Date: August 13, 2002

Dragonball Z Movie #06: Return of Cooler
© FUNimation Entertainment, Ltd.

What They Say
New Namek is besieged by an enormous evil entity - the Big Gete Star - a 'living planet' of metal that sustains itself by devouring entire worlds.

Fearing for the existence of his people, Dende, the new guardian of Earth, turns to Goku and his friends for help. The Z-Fighters spring into action in an effort to save the new Namekian home world from this invading menace, but their fight won't be easy!

The Big Gete Star has an army of powerful Cyclopean Guards at its disposal, and what's more, at the heart of this metal giant lurks an old enemy... Cooler!

The Review!

Wow, the most excellent DragonBall Movie 6 comes to an end and we only have 6 more movies left to go. I wonder if it will take another five years for them to be released?


We have 3 tracks here, the original Japanese mono, as well as English stereo and English 5.1. I watched the movie in Japanese w/ subtitles (obviously) and spot-checked the English stereo. Both tracks were very clean, although I disliked the English track since, as usual, the dub did not remotely match the subtitles; characters talked constantly to fill in ?dead time? and the dub also re-scored the movie entirely with its horrible wanna-be synthesized heavy metal sound even during portions where in the original version there was silence to build tension. Unlike Movie 5, there was no Spanish language track on the DVD.


Being a high-budget traditional cell animated movie from Toei circa 1992, things are pretty good here. Of course, there are a few nicks here and there, but mostly everything is clean, but there are some rainbows on some of the tightly-drawn lines. However, in some of the shots of black deep space it becomes clear that there is quite a few areas of picture breakup (like at the end of Cowboy Bebop TV). Being only a 62 minute feature, this is a sign of inexcusable bad encoding.


Another loser cover by Rick Lebo. Instead of using the original Japanese artwork, which FUNimation partly used for movie 4, we have a screen capture with a very poor rendition of Metal Cooler to the left and large ?The Return of Cooler Feature? in gray letters to the right. The end result is shoddy, ugly, and shows no signs of craftsmanship.


The menus are easy to navigate and play non-skippable intro animation, but only upon initial loading. Thus, if you visit the extras and then go back to the main menu, the main menu?s animation does not load twice. Definitely an improvement over earlier discs where you are forced to watch the same 5 to 10 second clip every time when accessing the sub menu or main menu.


Although oddly enough not advertised anywhere on the cover, the extras on this disc are character profiles, the English dub ?actor? interviews (which illustrate how 1) the VA?s only experience in acting is either puppet/dinner/community theatre and 2) how ignorant they are of anime, as they like it because the characters have ?big eyes? and ?spiky hair?), two segments (read: shameless ads) of IF Labs DragonBall Z action figures, and advertisements for other FUNimation DVDs. Oh well, at least they aren?t advertising VHS tapes on their DVDs, as they have done with the DBZ TV DVDs. They also include a commercial for the Game Boy Advance DBZ game, ?The Legacy of Goku.? As I had noticed with previous DBZ DVDs, it?s never a good sign that the preview for the game featured NO ACTUAL FOOTAGE FROM THE GAME ITSELF. Well, in the preview we finally are treated to footage from the game itself and it looks absolutely awful: the game appears to consist of a poorly-drawn Goku launching fireballs at enemies that aren?t affect
The only actual extra related to the anime itself is on the Japanese version. At the end of the movie, after the credits roll there is the original preview for Movie 7. While it was only a few seconds, I enjoyed it very much, but I wish FUNimation would have included the original preview for THIS movie as well, which was on the Japanese Laserdisc release.


The Planet New Namek is under siege by another planet. The new Kami-sama, Dende, asks Goku and the other Z-Warriors to go rescue Planet Namek. They comply and travel in a Capsule Corp. spaceship (naturally!) only to arrive on Namek and discover that an army of super robots are enslaving the Namekians. And their leader is none other than Cooler, who has been cybernetically reborn as Metal Cooler! Of course, this will not stand, so Goku takes on his foe from the last DBZ movie, while Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo start battling the super robots.

Of course, this movie (Japanese title: ?Charge!! The 10 Billion Power Guys?) is fairly predictable and follows the general formula as all the other DBZ films, but that?s to be expected of a TV-series-based spring break Toei picture designed to get kids into the theatres. Although this was my fourth time watching the film, I was still enchanted by its sublimely awesome pacing, drama, and fighting action. Unique to the DBZ films, there are quite a lot of computer and mecha designs in the movie, and the plot manages to take some interesting twists and turns, instead of the usual Goku and Super-Powerful-Bad-Guy power up until Goku wins. This movie (#6) marks Vegeta?s first appearance in a DBZ movie, and the way he and Goku are forced to cooperate to defeat Cooler is most amusing. Oolong, Roshi, and Yajirobi also provide a nice touch of comic relief in contrast to the film?s tenser scenes. While I am never pleased at FUNimation presentation of DBZ, I indeed loved the actual content of the disc. I look forward to to the next one.

Japanese Language,English Language,English Subtitles

Review Equipment
Daewoo DVD-5700, 25-inch Panasonic TV, audioquest cables


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