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DRAGONLANCE Animated Movie News

By Karl Schneider     June 28, 2006
Source: Various Sources

Lucy Lawless attends the premiere of The Grudge copyright Sue Schneider
© 2004 Sue Schneider
Toonz Animation, a huge Indian animation company, Commotion Pictures and Epic Level Entertainment are teaming up to produce a DRAGONLANCE animated film to be distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The screenplay was reportedly adapted from Dragons of Autumn Twilight by George Strayton.

Lucy Lawless, who will voice Goldmoon, posted the following on her site:

I just did the voice of an animated cartoon for Paramount, called Dragonlance. Obviously it's a fantasy story, with gods and monsters -- (no lesbian subtext). I never felt I nailed animated performance before, so wanted to get a handle on it.

I played a character called "Goldmoon," a Native American. We played around with accents awhile. I didn't know she was Native A till I got there and so didn't have time to research the accent (not many of those where I come from). More staccato! More commanding! More warm! Less disjointed! . . . Ummm, do you just want me to do Xena? Ahh, yes! That's it, do Xena! The voice is perfect! So warm, so commanding, so . . . yeah, yeah, let's get on with it.

It was actually really fun. At last I have done something my friends can actually watch. My son is gratified that I am not playing a bad guy. He can't stand me going to BSG every day to be mean to humans.

Oh well, it's a living!

Other characters that have been cast: Michael Rosenbaum will voice Tanis Half-Elven, Jason Marsden will voice Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

The animation for the film will be a 2D/3D hybrid style which should look similar to that of the Dragonlance comics.

The studios are targeting a PG-13 rating. Previously reported possibilities for a DRAGONLANCE movie, including a Canadian based film and/or a Henson Muppet project are dead in the water.

Thanks to 'The DarkLloyd of the Spiff' for the heads up.


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almostunbiased 6/28/2006 6:50:45 AM
Why not live action CG combo.
karlschneider 6/28/2006 7:26:57 AM
Because that requires a big budget and this movie has been floating in development hell for ages.
smegforbrain 6/28/2006 7:55:31 AM
As a Dragonlance fan for over a decade, I'm willing to give this a chance. Weis & Hickman are consultants on the project, and while that doesn't mean automatic success, I have enough hope that this won't be the type of utter crap that Sci-Fi turned Earthsea into.
hcflink 6/28/2006 8:14:58 AM
OMG. Goldmoon was not native american. She has friggin blonde hair. ok my geek rant is over. They should really wait and make a live action film. Right now the cartoon is just someone trying to cash in on the LOTR craze. Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of Dragonlance, Autumn Twilight was actualy the first novel that I ever read, it's just that this film will not get the same respect if it is a cartoon. Now, if it was straight up CG, everyone will be all over it, but since its traditional animation, it won't get as much acclaim, therefore making the chances of having the sequals, Winter Night and Spring Dawning, less of a possibility.
lracors 6/28/2006 8:59:39 AM
...disappointed... I'd have much rather seen a live-action version of this film. Still, I would like to see it and hopefully it will be true to the book and provide us with a really fun ride.
shadowspawn8 6/28/2006 9:03:59 AM
Well Lord of the Rings was an animated film years ago.. Hopefully the sucess of this will bring production companies to make a real big budget movie.. There is a huge fan base.. I read they are making a dragon riders of pern movie and I think there are way more Dragonlance fans than that.. You go to the Sci-fi section in a book store and 2 worlds dominate the shelves .. Dragonlance (Krynn) and Forgotten Realms... Yet no movies have been made about either...
lracors 6/28/2006 9:35:56 AM
You got that right Shadowspawn. Also Shannera... fantastic series that needs to be made!
valthonis 6/28/2006 5:27:47 PM
Ok Ive been waiting for this for more than 20 years. Nice choices on the acting though Lex, as Tanis? not sure on that, but he's done alright as the flash. Any idea who's doing Raistlin or Caramon? and Lawless is a dumb bitch. plainswoman read the damn book. I think when doing book to films the cast should READ the material before reading the screenplay.
mckracken 6/28/2006 7:29:38 PM
"and Lawless is a dumb bitch." well its nice you have your opinion isnt it. Oops Its a shame nobody on the forum will ever get to hear your rationale behind it. oh wait, shes a dumb bitch because she didnt read the source material prior to landing the gig, right? LOL! I hate to break it to you but guess what? Actors arent paid to read novels, they are paid to act, and act from a screenplay that somebody has written off some original source material which hopefully the WRITER read first. Its not the actors responsibility to brush up on or be a fan of the original source material. (sure it helps, but the powers that be DONT hire based on a passion of the original material) love that 'respect' for women, Valthonis...good going. Keep it up.
lracors 6/29/2006 9:56:23 AM
Midshipmanx, your right. In the novels, there are some people that lived in the plains and are reminiscent of Native American Indians in the way that they act, but have absolutely no relationship to Earth's Native American Indians since they are on a different planet called Krynn. They probably just used the term Native American loosely to describe the character. I don't think it's really a big deal.
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