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By Karl Schneider     May 25, 2006
Source: Copperheart Entertainment

Book Dragonsblood by Anne and Todd McCaffrey
© Pern
The best-selling and long-running sci-fi/fantasy series by Anne McCaffrey, THE DRAGONRIDERS OF PERN, is heading to the silver screen.

Copperheart Entertainment has optioned the 19-book series which began with Dragonflight in 1968. In the books, humans ride dragons by telepathically bonding with them.

"I decided that 'Pern' had to be done right, and I wouldn't let it go to someone unless I was certain that they were committed to excellence," McCaffrey said.


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isgrimner 5/25/2006 9:11:08 AM
Somebody should do Memory Sorrow and Thorn instead. It is after all where I have taken my screen name from.
zogtheobvious 5/25/2006 9:26:06 AM
ISGRIMMER- somehow, I don't see Hollywood Producers making a movie based on that criteria alone....
palmtree 5/25/2006 9:33:37 AM
Might as well do it while Lord of the Rings is still fresh in peoples' minds.
lracors 5/25/2006 9:50:30 AM
I tried to read the books and I got very very bored... but I was very young... I'll have to give these another shot.
georgekaplan 5/25/2006 11:34:55 AM
I remember these as a kid! Great stories! Can't help but think that it is meant to compete with Eragon though.
isgrimner 5/25/2006 3:26:26 PM
phoenixscout I don't think you always have to have a huge installed fan base. Though I think MS&T would need one to be done correctly. I agree that if it were to be done, it would have to be three movies all shot at once, and I can't really see a studio green lighting that unless they are pretty sure they will make money. LOTR was great and it was the series, along with The Hobbit, that got me to start reading when I was a wee lad, but I prefer Tad Williams by a long shot, basically due to the way he writes characters. As far as the Pern books go, I'm familiar with them due to reading many books in the sci fi/fantasy genre, but I could never get into them.
livewiremaxx 5/25/2006 4:36:07 PM
Sounds a lot like they are trying to catch the wave with the Eragon books that were already discussed as being brought to the screen.
almostunbiased 5/25/2006 8:33:44 PM
I'm excited about this. Always thought these would be fun to see as a movie. ANd I think I might have read an Elfquest book. That sounds familiar somehow.
lofteelee1 5/25/2006 11:46:42 PM
#8-[a brief visit]....In 1981, newly arrived to Palo Alto and residing 6 blocks from Stanford University, discovered a comic book store in this city and with my best friend, Greg Lovas, just looking around and I having keen eyes for artwork noticed immediately the #1 issue of Elfquest: the black and white versions with the color illustration on the front and the featured character in the back cover. Wendy Pini(I'm so glad she is alive and for being herself) and husband Richard Pini(good writer!) I was dumbstruck by the graceful and skillful, delicate artwork of Wendy Pini but also by the story itself very significant and knew this is something out of the ordinary. Something really very different. A relief from Marvel and DC. Not Tolkeinesque(not a disparagement) but something of a different order.
deathjim 5/26/2006 4:43:34 AM
This is such bull if any books should be made into a movie is the first three books of Dragonlance Cronicles.


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