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DS/PSP Wishlist

Two new portable game consoles, lots of options

By James Stevenson and Troy Roberts     October 08, 2004

The Nintendo DS is backwards compatible with all GameBoy Advance titles.
© Nintendo

With the FINAL FANTASY III (Japan) Nintendo DS announcement today we thought it'd be good to look at games we'd like to see brought to our DS/PSPs in the not too distant future.

The opportunity of having the power of an N64 and wireless gameplay begs for some games. First of all is GOLDENEYE (N64), can you imagine if they ported it, gave it 16 player support (or even 8 player support?). That'd be it; point, set, match. Nintendo would dominate. Now all they have to do is somehow get Rare and perhaps even EA on board. Other cool games might include FINAL FANTASY VI considering we're getting FINAL FANTASY III. Add in some new features, maybe even let four people work together with chat and each playing as a single character. Later areas where the party splits up could be handled by individual gamers using their own small party. Maybe the DS could actually handle SUPER MARIO RPG, or perhaps even a possible sequel to SUPER MARIO RPG considering Square is on board. It may also be time for the long-awaited KID ICARUS game, I know if we keep begging for it that Nintendo will eventually give in.


Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP).

the PSP, I'm not really sure what I want remade to it. It can essentially handle most PS2 games and there are plenty of ports already planned such as GRAN TURISMO MOBILE. The aforementioned FINAL FANTASY games (VI-IX) would be stellar. A RATCHET game with online support and almost more specifically geared to handhelds would be quite sexy as well. How about SLY COOPER or JAK? I'd love to play a new adventure with those characters while on the road. In fact, it'd be enough for me to want to buy a PSP. JS

Both of these systems have huge opportunities for remakes of some classic and somewhat current games. Wireless gameplay would make a lot of these games incredible. Can you imagine a port of the N64 GOLDENEYE for the DS? That one basically tops my list, although EA has announced that it will release a version of ROGUE AGENT for the DS. Nintendo has a huge vault of games that could be re-released: STAR FOX (wireless multiplayer would be awesome), KILLER INSTINCT, any of the FINAL FANTASY games (apparently III will be released on the DS, completely revamped for the system).

The PSP has a lot more recent games I'd like to see ported over. Give me any of the numerous FINAL FANTASY games that were released on the PSX (I'm beginning to see a trend here), along with any of the multiple Squaresoft titles released in the past 10 years, a METAL GEAR SOLID that isn't a card game, and obviously GRAN TURISMO MOBILE looks incredible. Oh yeah, where would my brain be without some type of port of GRAND THEFT AUTO III? -TR


Lots of DS news from Nintendo, as President Iwata announced that the DS will be able to download games and play them...Also announced was the DS launch lineup, which will include SUPER MARIO 64 DS, MADDEN NFL 2005, SPIDER-MAN 2, and THE URBZ: SIMS IN THE CITY...Microsoft has teamed with Mountain Dew and 7-Eleven to give gamers a chance to win copies of HALO 2 before November 9...SINGLES: FLIRT UP YOUR LIFE has shipped to stores...



The deadly redhead prowls a back alley in this screenshot from BLOODRAYNE 2.

shelves this week is Majesco's sexy vampire sequel BLOODRAYNE 2. I got a kick out of the game's concept and great style driven by a strong game in the background. KINGDOM UNDER FIRE: THE CRUSADERS will add some strategy to the DYNASTY WARRIORS style of gameplay and should do well with fans of the Koei series. One of the biggest games of next week for GameCube gamers is PAPER MARIO: THE THOUSAND-YEAR DOOR, the follow-up RPG to the smash N64 hit. Sports fans might want to check out FIFA 2005 while Game Boy gamers will dig DISNEY'S ALADDIN.

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