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Dumb and Dumber To Trailer

The Return of Harry & Llyod

By Robert T. Trate     June 12, 2014
Source: Movies Coming Soon

Dumb and Dumber To arrives 11-14-14
© New Line Cinema
After a horrible prequel and a TV series, the Farrelly Brothers have reunited with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels to bring us another adventure. It looks as dumb as the first one. Enjoy!

Synopsis: 20 years after the dimwits set out on their first adventure, they head out in search of one of their long lost children in the hope of gaining a new kidney.

Dumb and Dumber To features Jim Carrey,  Jeff Daniels, and is directed by Farrelly Brothers.

Dumb and Dumber To arrives November 14th, 2014.
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VTGamehendge 6/12/2014 10:26:57 AM

Looks hilarious.  I remember seeing the original in the theater with my dad.  It's still one of his favorite movies.

jonniej1017 6/12/2014 11:01:14 AM

HOLY SHIT!!!  I was LMFAO!!!!  That looks stupid, but hysterical!!!  Im there

redvector 6/12/2014 2:40:17 PM

 What does a star do when his career is decline? Go do a unneeded sequel to one of his biggest hits. The same can be said for directors too in the case of the Farrelly brothers. I suppose Carrey won't promote it cause it puts stupid people in a bad light. 

redhairs99 6/12/2014 3:59:54 PM

 There was a TV series?

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 6/13/2014 12:19:05 AM

 And now come people bitching about sequels? Unneeded? Is any fucking movie needed?

elrushbo 6/13/2014 5:00:28 AM

 Yeah exactly! Looks funny. Lighten up, you'll live longer

aegrant 6/13/2014 6:02:20 AM

 I like it a lot

xJokersxWildx 6/13/2014 6:38:38 AM

Jim still looks like Lloyd. Daniels however.. age has not been good to him.

VioLatorr 6/13/2014 8:15:13 AM

 I'd have to say Dumb and Dumber is definitely one of, if not THE, funniest movie of all time. Ive been waiting for this sequel. I hope they make one when theyre 80 too

blankczech 6/13/2014 12:27:57 PM

 Agree with MrJawbreakingEquilifbrium and elrushbo...no movie is needed and people have to lighten up. Everyone knows what this is,,,reviews are unnecessary.  If you like this stuff, you'll see it, if you don't, turn your behind to it. I'll have to try to avoid all the trailers which will precede the release of the film...because dumb and dumber decision makers will reveal every good joke in the film before I get a chance to see it.



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