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DUNE sequel split into two books

Two books will now be released to cap off Frank Herbert's epic sci-fi series

By Patrick Sauriol     May 05, 2004
Source: Dune Novels.com

DUNE by Frank Herbert
On their official website for the DUNE novels, authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson have announced that their plan to write a sequel novel to CHAPTERHOUSE DUNE has slightly changed. Instead of DUNE 7 being one volume the concluding story in the epic science fiction series will now be told in two separate books, HUNTERS OF DUNE and SANDWORMS OF DUNE.

Working directly from a recently discovered outline that DUNE creator Frank Herbert wrote and placed in a security deposit box before his death in 1985, Herbert's son and Anderson will conclude the future of the DUNE series. They have spent the past six years writing two series of prequel books that expand the DUNE universe: the HOUSE trilogy (HOUSE ATREIDES, HOUSE HARKONNEN and HOUSE CORRINO) and the JIHAD trilogy (THE BUTLERIAN JIHAD, THE MACHINE CRUSADE and the forthcoming August release of THE BATTLE OF CORRIN.) In the HOUSE series, the events are set one generation before the birth of Paul Atreides, the man who who toppled the Emperor from his throne, defeated the Harkonnens and ruled the sand planet of Dune. The JIHAD series is set 10,000 years before the events of DUNE and tells of humanity's war against thinking machines and the eventual rise of the powerful guilds and organizations that dominate the Dune universe. Herbert and Anderson's two sequels are set in an even further time than the one that contains Paul Atreides, thousands of years after the Atreides family has forever transformed humanity and a civil war between the human race is sparking.

Even with the recent output of new DUNE books and plans to mark the end of the linear DUNE stories, readers left wanting for more tales of sandworms and spice will be able to look forward to a third prequel trilogy of books by the two authors. This new series will tell of the childhood and early adult years of Paul Atreides (called "Paul of Dune") and will be published after the release of HUNTERS and SANDWORMS.

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