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CaptSmith 3/6/2007 7:17:40 AM
OMG - HAWAII FIVE-O Complete First Season??? Book 'em Dan-o! (I just had to be the first to post that)
smegforbrain 3/6/2007 10:01:33 AM
"But did you know that ... it out-earned such perceived hits" Snakes was a wide release, while several of the movies you listed were limited release films. Which means it's almost silly to compare them. So, are you looking at the average per screen, among other things, to actually see how poorly Snakes really did?
bjjdenver 3/6/2007 11:16:58 AM
The Manitou, saw it as a kid in the '70s and it was creepy then, I'll definitely have to check it out again so I can see if my parents had me drugged up back then. Borat was great, can't wait for Bruno.
lister 3/6/2007 12:11:35 PM
I was just thinking this weekend how much I'd like to get Viva Variety on disc. And with the Manitou, this is a great week for me. It's not *that* great. But I loved it as a kid and that's good enough for me! The scene with the hospital floor that goes all icy still gives me the chills.
nax37 3/7/2007 7:34:54 AM
Has anyone bought the Borat DVD? My disc looks like a bootleg. Just a plain silver disc with "Borat" written in what looks like a Sharpie. When I first opened it, I thought I was ripped off, but then realized it's probably part of the joke. Is that right? Are they all like this?
gamera23 3/7/2007 11:07:36 AM
Yes, nax37, it's part of the gag. Actually, the 'R' is backward and the DVD logo is "Demorez", with the slogan: "Is Life? No. Demorez." underneath. Also, rather than the standard practice of reproducing the sleeve art on the keepcase insert cover, all the copy is in "Kazakhese", which out to cause a little confusion at Blockbuster. Inside, an insert tells you about "More movie discs available from u s & a".
gamera23 3/7/2007 11:28:11 AM
To smegforbrain: Yes, some of those flicks were on fewer screens, and some were in theaters longer (BABEL, given legs by Oscar buzz, just surpassed SNAKES's take last weekend). But THE ANT BULLY and EMPLOYEE were on almost as many screens and made about $6M less. GARFIELD 2 was in about the same number of screens as those two, made about the same ($28M), but the public thinks of it (and SNAKES) as a big bomb - which in turn, seems to have an effect on how the DVD fares. You're right tho, a lot of factors go into the perception. Everyone went to see the 1998 GODZILLA, making it a financial hit, but just about everyone was in some way disappointed. Thus, most people tag it as a flop, which is likely why there hasn't been a sequel. Despite this, it has done well on DVD, so go figure. _BT
Jarik05 3/8/2007 10:24:48 AM
I liked Snakes on a Plane.....


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