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DVD Review: 'Legion of Super Heroes - Volume One'

By Jim Harvey     August 22, 2007
Source: www.wfdvdreport.com

"Overall, I'd have to strike Legion of Super Heroes - Volume One as a Rental. Die-hard fans will undoubtedly purchase it, since the extra content will likely not be duplicated in any season compilations release. But for the casual fan? Rent it before deciding whether or not to purchase it. However, giving the low price that many vendors will be selling this for, you may be better off plunking a few extras dollars to purchase this DVD. The episodes themselves are a mixed bag, but the series does pick up after the weak series pilot. The extras are, of course, nothing to really write home about. If you're a Superman fan, this is a nice addition to the collection, I will admit. It's a different chapter of his life documented, and that in itself should initiate fans to seek out this new release."


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