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DVD Shopping Bag: Clash of the Titans Deleted Scenes

Curse of Worthington?

By Robert T. Trate     August 03, 2010

Liam Neeson as Zeus in Clash of the Titans (2010)
© Warner Home Video


I thought I could ignore it but I couldn’t. After reading through Tim Janson’s review of Clash of the Titans (2010) last week (seen here) I had to pick up Louis Leterrier film. I saw Clash 2010 in the theaters. I was disappointed to a point but in all fairness I liked a many of the changes. Yes, the CGI looks terrible. Nothing will ever replace the artistry and craftsmanship of Ray Harryhausen’s original. What really bothered me in this new Clash of the Titans was how adamant Perseus (Sam Worthington) was about accomplishing the task as a man. He stuck to it until the end where he switched gears. Oh, it will take how many days to get back? Thanks for the flying horse and magic sword Dad… let’s kick some ass! That is where the film really lost me.
After learning there were several deleted scenes and that all important alternate ending my interest was more than piqued. The alternate ending isn’t what you think it should be. I was hoping for Perseus’ human family to be resurrected as was Io (Gemma Arterton). In the confines of the story it was everything he was fighting for. Their wrongful death and rebirth by Zeus (Liam Neeson) was a reward that he should have been granted. I know it wasn’t what Perseus asked for but it was the logical choice in the confines of the story. After watching the 18 minutes of deleted scenes and the alternate ending I saw a very different story, one that Louis Leterrier was shaping to really be something different from its 1981 predecessor. Instead what we got was just a re-imagined version of the original story.
Change is never good in movies when it comes to re-imaged or remakes of original films. Look at Tim Burton’s The Planet of the Apes (2001). I will admit I loved the ending. It was nothing more than a big middle finger to Fox saying, let’s see you spin that into a new cash cow. The changes here were made for a modern audience. The problem with that was Clash of the Titans circa 1981 was a throwback to classic storytelling. The changes that were left on the cutting room floor to Clash 2010 took the story into that classic realm. Things in Olympus are not so great, which we knew, but Apollo (Luke Evans) sees through Hades’ (Ralph Fiennes) plans. He wants his father to help Perseus. Apollo even seeks his half brother out on Earth to make sure he is on the right path. How this would have played with Zeus as the old man seems a bit confusing. What it does to the story is create a third party which says, Zeus you’re wrong and Hades will screw you over. This does lead to that very scene and like a few before it where Leterrier loses out on a great collection of actors bringing Greek Tragedy to the big screen.
The majority of these deleted scenes lead to the alternate ending being the right one. The one we received was a sequel establishing set up. Hades is still out there and so forth. The alternate ending was a straight up throwing down the gauntlet moment between Perseus and Zeus. This one moment not only stayed true to the characters but Perseus’ internal struggle as well. All this leads me to believe that Sam Worthington may be cursed. This ending is the kind of thing that builds upon his stardom. The audience would have seen him as a true hero instead of a guy who settled for the babe and the possibility of sequels. I say cursed because a similar thing happened on Terminator Salvation or almost did. There are several internet rumors that say it could have ended one way or the other. All we really know is that the end we got was preposterous and not even close to any of the previous films. With Worthington’s track record I’m sure there is some alternate ending to Avatar where he betrays the Na’vi and gets his magic legs. Worthington looks to have the chops to be the next big leading man in Hollywood. I just wish I could enjoy his films as much as his performances in them.
If your curiosity about the scenes hasn’t gotten the better of you yet then by all means rush out and rent the Blu-ray. It will allow your imagination to run wild with what could have been a classic sword and sandals film.
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ultrazilla2000 8/3/2010 2:23:01 AM

Wait, wait, wait...the new Clash of the Titans movie had terrible CGI?!?  I thought the CGI was one of the only things the movie had going for it!  The Kraken, giant scorpions, Medusa, Pegasus...all looked amazing!  Now movies like Anaconda, I Am Legend, or the first Narnia film...THEN I can agree with you on bad CGI!

karas1 8/3/2010 3:06:31 AM

The CGI was confusing.  There was so much going on onscreen that it was difficult to make out.  The whole fight with Medusa was murky and dark and I was constantly going "What just happened?  Who just got killed?  Was that...? Um, What?"

While the fight with the scorpions was brighter, I had the same trouble following what was going on.

The biggest problem for the film was that there was no emptional depth.  Perseus was acting like a spoiled toddler throwing a tantrum and none of the supporting characters were developed enough for you to care what happened to them.  The whole thing felt like a hollow exercise in FX.


Hobbs 8/3/2010 6:40:19 AM

I agree with kara, I thought it was like Transformers 2 where they put so much crep in every shot you fealt overwhelmed.  The movie reminded me more of a video game than anything else.  I have no desire to rent it even to see the alt ending.  Give it a week and it will be on Utube.

redhairs99 8/3/2010 7:53:09 AM

The CG in the first Narnia was great.  It was the second film that looked terrible.

Can't comment on the new Clash of Titans as I haven't gotten to check it out yet, but I want to.

zalder 8/3/2010 9:01:43 PM

Ug if he had betrayed the Navi in avatar that would have destroyed the entire point of the show.  I mean geez, as sci-fi fans we have to be able to admit that technology while being a net good has created a lot of problems and we do have to manage it very carefully.  Avatar was a sci-fi version of Dances with Wolves which is not a bad thing.  The hatred for this movie and for then ending of the new BSG in some quarters annoys me.  It is like people have never read 20 leagues under the sea, the time machine, or any Ursula Le Quin....the first and most classic sci-fi was not pro technology it was only in the so called "golden age" of the fifties with Clark (and even some of his stuff can be seen in a different way) and Heinlein that it started going down that way.

karas1 8/4/2010 6:20:08 AM

My dislike (not really hatred) of the end of the new BSG is not really because it is anti technology (though as someone who has survived cancer and appendicitis I think that giving up all medical technology is a REALLY BAD IDEA).  It has more to do with the silly spiritualism.  And the mawkish tone.  We go from hard hitting, violent action scifi to weepy Lifetime movie in under two hours.  Didn't work for me.

And Starbuck was an Angel?  Don't get me started.

Hobbs 8/4/2010 7:01:50 AM

"We go from hard hitting, violent action scifi to weepy Lifetime movie in under two hours. Didn't work for me."

You do realize the show was a drama by far and large over an action show, don't you?  BSG really was more about the characters and the events that shaped them.  

BSG ending is not perfect, even I have my problems with it like the song by Jimi Hendrix for example, but by far and large it works.  As far as Starbuck being an Angel, they were talking about God since the very beginning of the show and was a running theme (heck, six even told Batlar early on she was an Angel of God) so I still fail to realize the problem people had with it at the end of the show.  Usually I don't like the God did it endings but its not like they just sprang it on us. 

Plus you have to leave things open for your own mind...which apparently you wanted the closed book ending.  Life doesn't work that way....did Adama tell them to leave everything behind, yup he probably did.  Did everyone leave everything behind, I highly doubt thousands of people listened to him.  Adama himself was driving around in a Raptor the whole time.  You have to have broad imagination for the ending, like I said in the posts when the show ended.  Maybe a group kept the technology and became the city of Atlantis and because it has happened before and will happen again Atlantis destroyed themselves.  150,000 years in the past leaves a lot of open possible situations.

karas1 8/4/2010 12:44:29 PM

Much of BSG was character driven, but the first part of the finale was an action packed invasion of the main Cylon base ship.  There was trick flying, there were battle scenes, there were explosions, there were main characters murdering other main characters in cold blood.

Then we're in Lifetime land where Adama is holding Roselin's hand as she dies.  Yeah, she'd been fighting cancer since the premier and having her die just as her people reach the promised land was a logical conclusion.  But I found the juxtiposition of tones jarring.

If it had just turned out that the halucinations that Baltar and Six had been having of eachother were some sort of spiritual guidence, it wouldn't have bothered me.  While the hot and heavy sex that Baltar had been having with his spiritual guide doesn't really strike me as Angelic behaviour, if that's what worked for Baltar, I can see his spirit guide going along with it.  And as you say, the characters had been talking about Angels and devine intervention since the series began.

But Starbuck was a flesh and blood character.  Her confusion about her rebirth and the emotional angst it had caused her were a main emotional tent pole of the final season.  And it turns out that all that angst and the emotional involvement of the audience was useless because it wasn't really Starbuck to begin with.  It felt false and hollow and manipulative to me.  We were played.  It's like after watching Roslin die for 4 seasons she suddenly recovers, oops, the doctor was wrong, it was just a space cold after all, nothing serious.  Now don't YOU feel silly.

Hobbs 8/5/2010 7:10:04 AM

As I said, I had my issues with the ending as well but I have to disagree with you that it turned from an action to lifetime.  The ending wasn't about the last episode, it was about the whole show thus you had to have closure with the characters.  You needed an ending to the story of Galatica and the main characters.  Granted they didn't have Tigh or Adama say goodbye which is another issue I have with it but haven't you watched movies that have had action AND drama in it?  Plus the action had ended, the cylons had lost and they found Earth.  Did you want them to crash the Galatica into the planet to keep the action going? 

Personally I thought making it about the characters at the end was brilliant.  Unlike Lost, at least they tried to answer the questions at the end as well even if people didn't like the answers.

As far as Angels are concerned...yeah, it wasn't Angelic behaviour but depending on religion Angels can be very different.  Look at supernatural for example.

As far as Starbuck, you are correct, she was (key word was) a flesh and blood character.  She was reborn as an Angel and I don't think even she knew what she was until the end when she fulfilled her purpose.  She found peace of soul in the end which when you look at the character of Kara, she was always lacking and to some degrees she was in constant pain because of it.  I'm sorry you fealt played but I actually liked it so to each thier own.  As for Roslin not dying eariler in the series, yeah I felt kinda of played on that one but I think they liked the character so much as did the fans that they let her survive a few more seasons but we are talking about the ending...I'm sure we both could find faults with the entire show.

Always fun to debate with you kara.

karas1 8/5/2010 8:59:12 AM


Now I guess we have a difference of intrepretation.  You think Starbuck died and became the Angel Starbuck?  I had assumed that it was an angel pretending to be Starbuck after Starbuck died in order to provide guidance to the fleet.  If it really was Starbuck returned from the dead in another form to work out the many issues that had plagued her in life that's different.


Gonna have to give that one some thought.

I guess that it never occurred to me that Starbuck was Angel material.

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