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Hobbs 4/17/2012 8:16:14 AM

holy shit!  1225 episodes...it would takes years to get through that all.  I was curious what would asking price would be and amazon has it for over 500 bucks.  I could get an ipad for that price but to be fair on the price, 1225 episodes is a lot.  This was a soap opera, wasn't it?

I wonder what the return policy is on this?  It would suck to get to episode 1000 two years from now and find out the disc doesn't work.

I never watched the show but I'm aware of the cult following it has and people are passionate about it.  That's why I predicted fans would be pissed at the Tim Burton adaption. 

RobertTrate 4/17/2012 9:03:57 AM

 Hobbs, they are all on Netflix. IT was a limited edition box set and there are tons of volumes to get. I had the same thing with my Farscape box. Got to season 3 and one disc wasn't even there! Imagine missing how discs with a ton of 30 minute episodes! 

decepticons2 4/18/2012 6:50:12 PM

Misiion Impossible is an ok movie. But the imax filmed scenes are spectacular on my 50" tv. Where 3d centric films seem like crap. Do we need another slow mo shot commin towards the screen?



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