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DVD Shopping Bag: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 Blu-ray

Will you buy? Will you wait?

By Robert T. Trate     April 12, 2011

Harry Potter 7 now on Blu-ray and DVD
© Warner Bros. Home Entertainment


We are at the precipice of it all ending. It is amazing that the Harry Potter journey has taken us ten years to complete. In that time the Star Wars Saga wrapped and then launched an animated series. I never thought that would have happened, the cartoon part. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy cleaned up at the Oscars and now looks to The Hobbit to continue, but we all knew that was going to happen. There have been countless would be Harry Potter clones too. Eragon, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, and of course Narnia all wanted a little piece of the Potter pie. Potter has endured and now with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 on Blu-ray and DVD I have to ask, are you going to buy this today or not?
Along with the wrapping and launching of new sagas and trilogies we have also seen formats come and go. Remember HD DVD? Blu-rays are now the established format, but not everyone has been as quick to convert as the studios would like. HP7.1 today is available in a Blu-ray / DVD Combo with a Digital Copy to boot. This is appealing to people and in essence it hopes to convert the stubborn, with one nice little package. I am sure that many of you have the previous Potters in multiple formats on your shelves. I stopped buying Potter films at Harry Potter 4 with the thought of, I’ll wait for a box set. My question today is, even if you have them all on one format are you really going to pick up Part 1? It is a well made film but with all the hype and hoopla to follow come July wouldn’t it be better to wait? There will be tons of midnight screenings of Part 2 accompanied with a double bill of Part 1 to be screened ahead of time. I thought of waiting until that night, July 15, to see them both for the first time. The hype got to be more than I could bear and I saw it back in November.
Outside of seeing David Yates completed films as one work, in one night, this Blu-ray / DVD Combo pack is kind of weak on the special features. It is a far superior Blu-ray to that of the first Avatar release yet we all knew there was another one coming. There will undoubtedly be an ultimate special edition two pack of both Part 1 and 2 come November. Do not buy the first edition coming in September / October a la the early releases of Lord of the Rings. I hope I am preaching to the choir here yet, I know several people that will buy this version today and shell out the money again later. Not to mention the version that comes in the Albus Dumbledore tomb or whatever they come up with (see Dobby Bookend version below).
I am not knocking Mr. Potter nor Warner Brothers either. I am just trying to get a good consensus of our community. Who will hold out for a better longer Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and who needs their quick fix now?
Top 3 Picks of the Week:
1. The Incredibles (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)
2. Cars (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging)
3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (Three-Disc Blu-ray / DVD Combo + Digital Copy)
The Crow 2: City of Angels Starring Vincent Perez, Mia Kirshner, Iggy Pop and Thomas Jane
The Crow: Wicked Prayer Featuring Dennis Hopper Starring Dennis Hopper, Danny Trejo, David Boreanaz
Dead Man Featuring Johnny Depp Starring Johnny Depp, Gabriel Bryne, Robert Michum
Dirty Mary Crazy Larry / Race With The Devil Starring Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Loretta Swit and Susan George
Dolph Lundgren Triple Threat: Hidden Assassin / Blackjack / Men of War Starring Dolph Lundgren
Farewell Starring Willem Dafoe, Guillaume Canet, Fred Ward and Emir Kusturica
Farewell [Blu-ray]
Goodnight for Justice Starring Luke Perry and Lara Gilchrist
Highwater [Blu-ray] Starring Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Sunny Garcia and Jon-Jon Florence
Muay Thai Fighter Starring Akara Amarttayakul and Don Ferguson
Secret of the Urn Starring Kinnosuke Nakamura
Texas Rangers Featuring James Van Der Beek Starring James Van Der Beek, Rachael Leigh Cook and Ashton Kutcher
The Yards Featuring Mark Wahlberg Starring Mark Wahlberg, Joaquin Phoenix, Charlize Theron
Needless Collection 2 [Blu-ray]
Needless Collection 2
Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui
Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows
Cars (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging) Starring Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt
The Incredibles (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)
Confidential Agent Starring Charles Boyer
Days of Glory Starring Gregory Peck, Alan Reed and Lowell Gilmore
Devotion Starring Paul Henreid, Arthur Kennedy and Sydney Greenstreet
Keeper of the Flame Starring Spencer Tracy and Forrest Tucker
Sea of Grass Starring Spencer Tracy, Robert Walker and Melvyn Douglas
The Two Mrs. Carrolls Starring Humphrey Bogart and Nigel Bruce
Wagons Roll at Night Starring Humphrey Bogart and Eddie Albert
Whiplash Starring Dane Clark and Zachary Scott
Criterion Collection
Le Cercle Rouge (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] Starring Alain Delon, Andre Bourvil, Gian Maria Volonte
White Material (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray] Starring Isabelle Huppert, Christopher Lambert
White Material (Criterion Collection)
Black Heaven Starring Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet, Louise Bourgoin
Children of the Corn Triple Feature: Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice / Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest / Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering Starring Terence Knox, Paul Scherrer, Daniel Cerny and Ron Melendez
Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice Starring Terence Knox, Paul Scherrer, Rosalind Allen
Dracula 2000 Starring Gerard Butler, Christopher Plummer, Jonny Lee Miller
Dracula II: Ascension / Dracula III: Legacy Starring Jason Scott Lee, Diane Neal, Jason London and Craig Sheffer
The Faculty Featuring Josh Hartnett Starring Josh Hartnett, Salma Hayek, Famke Janssen
From Dusk Till Dawn Featuring George Clooney and Salma Hayek Starring George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel
Halloween: Resurrection Featuring Jamie Lee Curtis Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Katee Sackhoff, Thomas Ian Nicholas
Heartless Starring Jim Stugess, Vera Drake and Noel Clarke
Hellraiser Triple Feature: Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth / Hellraiser IV: Bloodline / Hellraiser V: Inferno Starring Terry Farrell, Doug Bradley, Bruce Ramsay
The Inheritance Starring Golden Brooks, Keith David, DB Woodside
The Inheritance [Blu-ray]
Last Breath Starring Jeff East
2033: Future Apocalypse Starring Miguel Couturie
Doctor Who: Kinda (Story 119) Starring Peter Davison, Matthew Waterhouse, Sarah Sutton
Doctor Who: Snakedance (Story 125) Starring Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (Three-Disc Blu-ray / DVD Combo + Digital Copy) Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 [Blu-ray]
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (With Dobby Bookend)
The Prophecy / The Prophecy II: God's Army Featuring Christopher Walken Starring Christopher Walken, Elias Koteas, Russell Wong
The Speed of Thought Starring NICK STAHL, Taryn Manning and Mia Maestro
BBC Tudors Collection (The Shadow of the Tower / The Six Wives of Henry VIII / Elizabeth R) Starring James Maxwell and Keith Mitchell
Car 54 Where Are You: Complete First Season Starring Joe E. Ross, Fred Gwynne, Charlotte Rae and Al Lewis
Dallas: Complete Seasons 1-14 Starring Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Ken Kercheval
Dallas: The Movie Collection Starring Larry Hagman, Ken Kercheval, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray
Dragnet 1970: Season Four Starring Jack Webb and Harry Morgan
The Last Place on Earth: The Complete Epic Miniseries Starring Martin Shaw and Sverre Anker Ousdal
Waltons: Complete Seasons 1-9 & Movie Collection Starring John Walmsley, Eric Scott, Earl Jr. Hamner
The Bob Hope Collection: Volume Two (The Great Lover / Paris Holiday / The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell / How to Commit Marriage / Son of Paleface / Cancel My Reservation) Starring Bob Hope, Anita Ekberg, Preston Sturges and Phyllis Diller
Harry Potter Years 1-7 Part 1 Gift Set Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint
Harry Potter Years 1-7 Part 1 Gift Set [Blu-ray]
H.R. Pufnstuf: Complete Series Collector's Edition
Sharpe's Collectors Edition [Blu-ray] Starring Sean Bean
Tracy & Hepburn the Definitive Collection Starring Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Fay Bainter
Robert Trate writes two weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag and the Toy Maniac. Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Check it out at You’ve Got Geek on You.com.


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karas1 4/12/2011 5:12:59 AM

H.R. Pufnstuf: Complete Series Collector's Edition

Talk about a blast from the past!

ddiaz28 4/12/2011 7:20:55 AM

I'm definitely waiting for the eventual blu ray box set.  I'll probably rent it to get my HP fix though.  I only saw it once in the theaters and would like to see it again.  I'm also looking forward to seeing a double bill before the last part is released.  I just hope IMAX does that.

Miner49er 4/12/2011 11:31:04 AM

Don't forget that HP will eventually get released in the Ultimate Editions sets.

spiderhero 4/12/2011 11:32:13 AM

I'm not buying this. If I ever buy any of them it will only be #4. My favorite of the books & movies.

redhairs99 4/12/2011 12:58:19 PM

I'll most likely shell out for the price of the regular DVD of this and sad to say that when they release The Ultimate HP 1-8 Blu-Ray box set, I'll pick it up then as well.

zathras6767 4/12/2011 1:15:44 PM

Judging by the way the way HP7.5 ended so abruptly,I,m predicting that once the second half is released on video WB will re-release both halves as one uber-movie with some extra footage thrown in to boot.Hence why I'll wait 'till Christmas or later.

Wyldstaar 4/12/2011 2:57:11 PM

I'll wait for the Super-Ultra-Mega-Deluxe Edition- now with Retsyn!



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