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CaptAmerica04 9/24/2013 8:35:45 AM

Sorry, but I am one of those Mandarin fans.  I wanted to see him start wielding the rings like we were "promised" since the first film (I know it was more of an inference, but nonetheless, it was there and the true geeks saw it and jumped all over it, holding out for the big Iron Man v. Mandarin fight for the last 5 years).
     I was EXTREMELY disappointed when it turned out that the Mandarin was just a straw man, and I would not get my big magic vs. technology fight; I would not get my big "comic book moment" of these two arch-nemeses battling it out.

With that said, I do respect what Shane Black was doing, and the direction that he took it in.  I didn't LIKE it as much as I would have liked the ending that I hoped for, but I appreciate and respect what they did do.  It was clever and within the parameters of the film universe that Marvel has established (somewhat).

Unfortunately, in everyone's (especially the lay-people/non-geeks) rush to like this third installment, we miss a very big issue:  this was Marvel's first failure.  It was their first failure to uphold the rule that they set back in 2008 and that they have stuck to quite well for the last 5 years/6 films:  stick to the source material.  For the entire history of cinema, we the comic fans have been subjected to movies that were tampered with or created outright by non-fans of the source material, who just borrowed the little bits they knew of or liked and threw the rest out, like tossing the baby out with the bath water.  We had to see every film from Superman to X-Men to Spider-man (and then again with Dark Knight Rises) with the shrug and the justification of "well, that's as good as I can hope for, so I'll take what I can get.  At least I got to see Wolverine/Superman/Batman on the big screen!"  Then Iron Man came along with (admittedly updated) true to the source material films.  Captain America, Thor, even Incredible Hulk... gave us characterizations of our heroes in bite-size snap shots including epic villains and events that, while updated for the time, were still true to the source material.

Now we come to Iron Man 3 and suddenly, IMHO, we take a step back with one of Iron Man's long-time arch-villains turns out to be an actor and a fraud, with no powers at all.  WHAT?!  I'm sorry, but that was bullshit.  They could've done the same idea and called the guy any other name than "the Mandarin."  Non-geeks wouldn't have known the difference, and geeks wouldn't have been slapped in the face.

I'm sorry, but Shane Black just gave us a nuclear-bomb-proof refrigerator and a crystal skull.  The rest of the film was really solid and a worthy sequel, but that one gross mis-characterization really screwed the film for me.  And, I think if other geeks are honest with themselves, it screwed the film a bit for them, too.

RedHood2010 9/24/2013 8:45:06 AM

Nice reply Capt.  I am by NO means a historian or claim to know anything about the Marvel universe.  My experience has been a few comics and starting with the first Iron Man movie.  For me, IM3 blew.  I went with my two teenage boys and we all left feeling let down with Tony's character.  Entertaining, yes, but for what I felt I knew about the recent Marvel movie universe, I was let down.  We are renting it this weekend to let the wife experience it and get her take.  I am looking forward to checking it out again and see if anything changes.

goirish83 9/24/2013 9:29:56 AM

Capt. and RedHood, WELL SAID !!!  I hated this movie.  Lousy writing and a lousy story.  How much actual screen time did IM have?  Not the robots or Pepper Potts in the suit.  This movie should have been called "Tony Stark and his young sidekick".  This, and the B-bullshit that Stark creates Ultron does not have me excited about Marvel Phase 2.  I pray I am not as letdown for Thor and Captain America as I was when I left the theatr after IM3.

And, oddly enough I think I am in the minority with these thoughts. 

So unless the Blu-ray has an entirly new movie I won't be buying it.

doublec 9/24/2013 1:30:51 PM

 Robert, I agree with you in commending this movie for daring to be different. But sadly, the above posts show what happens when someone dares to be different with a sci-fi/comic book movie anymore, you get a shitstom of butthurt fanbois. As you pointed out, this happened with all three of the bigges SF movies this summer, screams of outrage over altering the holy and almighty  "source material" rather than discussing the movies on their own merits. I take the criticism this movie gets over its lack of spectacle (given it's a summer blockbuster) rather more seriously than rather this or that character was EXACTLY like he was in the comics.

Shellhead88 9/24/2013 3:06:52 PM

Couldn't agree more. Anyone who knows that my username is a nickname for Iron man, so that should tell you how a big fan I am. Iron man was my very first comic book and always been my favorite. So I really hated this movie.

monkeyfoot 9/24/2013 3:08:22 PM

I completely understand the upset some comic geeks had with the changes that were made. You had a basic idea of what you thought you were going to get and it got turned upside down. Also Marvel's movie track record has been pretty excellent in its adaptations most of the time. There was no reason to suspect that it was going to make such a severe left turn from the comics.

All that being said I enjoyed the movie. I love RDJ's rendition of Stark and I could pretty much watch just a movie of his antics without him throwing a single armored enhanced punch or replusor ray. (and that's close to what we got).  From some of the interviews before the movie came out I suspected something was up and was a little disappointed that I didn't get an evil mastermind terrorist who happens upon some alien tech from the invasion in The Avengers and uses it to fashion a set of badass rings (that was the scenario I thought would work for the movie). But once I got over my suprise I thorouglhy enjoyed the movie. Stark's troubles and clever solutions are fun for me to watch. The ad lib dialogue between him and Paltrow is always adorable. The changes to the storyline worked in the context of the Marvel movieverse and more specifially in the Iron Man movieverse. I left the theater satsified.

More impoirtantly, Marvel,director Black, and big producer cheese Feige took a major chance with the loyal fanboys in changing a piece of the IM story. But it worked. It worked tremendously. It was the the number one movie of the year. It was critically acclaimed and website polls from places like Rotten Tomatoes are in the 80% approval. In other words they did everything right again. There is nothing more you can ask of a blockbuster film than it be a huge moneymaker and the vast majority of the critics and audience love it.

I give you a Merry Marvel Marching Society salute! Excelsior!

karas1 9/24/2013 4:43:03 PM

I had a different problem with this film.  Tony Stark has been many things in these movies but never before was he a fool.

Stark knows Hawkeye, Black Widdow, Captain America and Nick Fury.  One phone call to any of them and he could have had a ton of federal agents and Super Heroes to help him storm the hedquarters of a heavily armed terrorist group.  Instead, for reasons I didn't really understand (nobody can be THAT insecure) he decided to do it by himself using a few "weapons" he cobbled together from stuff he bought at Home Depot.

I realize that this was an Iron Man film, not an Avengers film.  Captain America and the others weren't going to appear.  It was just really bad writing to put Tony Stark into a situation where the only logical move was to call in backup which was readily available and not let him do that. It makes him look like an idiot.  Put Stark into a situation where he could be heroic where backup wouldn't be any help.  THAT would be a good film.


RedHood2010 9/25/2013 4:27:06 AM

Agree with your POV karas1.  Better stated than my problem with the film.  We were watching The Avengers this past weekend and I kept saying that is the Tony I wanted to see in IM3.  I expected some left over shock from New York, but not the complete isolation and lack of intelligent moves. 

And I am not going to apologize for my expectations not being met.  I was let down with this movie.  Does that mean others couldn't love it?  Nope.  I just didn't it.

redhairs99 9/25/2013 8:30:33 AM

Kara, you're right on with your assessment, but I think unfortunately for any of these Marvel films (and for DC once/if they get the JLA rolling), the problem with the general viewing audience is going to be "Why doesn't Stark (or insert other hero name) get the Avengers/JLA to help out with this massive problem/terror/vilian/threat, etc.   Hell DC hasn't even gotten their team-up off the ground yet and I already have friends saying how can a Batman movie work if there's other more powerful heroes he could simply call up anytime he wants.  It's a major problem that Marvel and DC will have to figure out an answer to and soon.  

And with Iron Man, you already have the problem of others wearing the suit which are run my AI systems yet sometimes the suit works for them and other times it doesn't.  Why couldn't the president operate the suit?

As for IM3, I thought the twist was brilliant...as far as Ben Kingsley goes.  I wasn't a big fan of the reveal that Killian was The Mandarin.  I've never really been a fan of Iron Man in the comics and didn't know much about the character until the first flick.  I think RDJ has been amazing in the role and I can't believe they turned what in my mind has always been a 3rd or even 4th tier hero in one of the best superheroes on film.  I know that will probably piss off a lot of fans, but I'm sorry, no one outside of comic fans knew or cared about Iron Man prior to the first film in 2008.  All that said, that reveal of Killian as The Mardarian was weak.  I think they could've kept someone else in the background, working the shadows as the real Mardarian, but still had Killian come off as a halfway decent villian.  But, I still thought the movie was pretty damned fun and enjoyable especially Ben Kingsley.

karas1 9/25/2013 9:20:15 PM

Batman works in the JLA because he brings something to the table that the other heroes don't.  He may not fly or read minds or wield a power ring but he's smart and devious and he thinks outside the box in ways the other heroes can't.  In the comics Batman routinely saves more powerful heroes from supervillians and it's totally believable.

The strength of Iron Man as a hero is his armor.  He's a flying, bulletproof technoknight with astounding weaponry.  In his armor Tony Stark could take on a few dozen terrorists with automatic weapons in his sleep.

He's also formidable without his armor.  In the first film he used his intelligence to outwit the terrorists who kidnapped him and create the technology which first saved his life and then allowed him to become a hero.

But that's not the kind of formidable which works against fanatics with guns.  If they were going to strip Stark of his armor (a good move in my opinion.  Stark is more fun to watch than Iron Man.) they needed to come up with a threat which Stark could realistically defeat.  They needed a threat he could counter with his intelligence and creativity.  Not one which needed to be solved by force.  Sending him into the lion's den alone against overwhelming odds didn't make him look heroic.  It made him look dumb.  And that he could defeat that situation by himself with jurryrigged weaponry made the situation look unbelievable.

And several dozen remote controlled suits of flying, fighting armor was overwhelming and silly.  It was a great film until Stark got to Florida.  Stark alone, with his armor malfunctioning, hiding out in that kid's house and dodging the agents looking for him was exciting and believable.  Stark was using his intelligence and creativity to defeat a foe in a realistically logical way.  Then the movie jumped the shark and shattered my suspension of disbelief.  After that it was just meaningless special effects sequences.



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