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DVD Shopping Bag: Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United

Hulk Snore

By Robert T. Trate     December 03, 2013
Source: Mania.com

Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United arrives on Blu-ray
© Marvel Studios
 With the announcement of yet another Marvel Animated feature, my hopes began to rise. Let’s be honest, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment cranks out the animated DC Universe like nobody’s business. With Marvel under Walt Disney’s direction, I thought that their animated superhero features would be a tad better. Sadly, Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United seems like a step backwards instead of forward. Trust me, this has nothing to do with the animation. 

To get the animation issue out of the way, here is a sample of stills from Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United:


The animation is a mixture of CGI and water colors. It blends really well together when Iron Man is fighting his own Hulkbuster Armor or a Mandroid gone rogue. However, when the second Iron Man pops his faceplate up and Tony Stark is visible, the animation gets all strange. In short, it throws you out of the moment. That is what this film is plagued with, jarring moments of strange animation mixed a lackluster, predictable story.

The story starts out simple enough, but gets bogged down in its lack of details. The Hulk is wanted by HYDRA for a Gamma Radiation experiment. HYDRA employs The Abomination to bring the Hulk in. This, of course, is a ruse as HYDRA wants the two most powerful Gamma radiated creatures on the planet. HYDRA is building an ARC Reactor and plans on using these Gamma creatures to supply the power. HYDRA is not a mass organization here. No, just two scientists in what appear to be TRON: Legacy villain suits. Sadly, they do have the best design concept in the whole picture. Everything goes wrong and the Hulk ends up saving Abomination and escaping. The experiment does bare fruit for the two HYDRA scientists, they create Zzzax.

Iron Man shows up in his flying fortress. Yes, it looks like the SHIELD Hellicarrier, has all the marking of the SHIELD Hellicarrier, but is not the SHIELD Hellicarrier. Oh, did I mention that all the jets inside have SHIELD markings as do the Mandroids, as well? As the classic misunderstanding fight between the Hulk and Iron Man commences, I start asking myself if this film is really for me. Is it for a younger audience? It was rated PG, yet features a relatively obscure Marvel villain for the majority of the non-Hulk reading fans and is heavy on the action and not on the plot. The kiddies will care even less than I did. 

When I paused the film to see how much more was left, I was shocked to find that Disney did indeed interject a little of their magic. As of late, Walt Disney has been supplying all their home releases with special screen savers (here, called Inter-Missions). In short, they have something running to keep the kids and, in this case, me entertained. Suddenly, there was the Marvel Mash-Ups that Disney was releasing on Disney XD and Marvel’s Website. These cartoons feature The Incredible Hulk animated series from the early eighties and the Iron Man series from the nineties. Their Space Ghost Coast to Coast antics were far more entertaining than the adventure at hand. The animation was also more interesting/ pleasing to watch. 

This animated feature was a bust. Marvel and Walt Disney need to find their Kevin Feige for their animated adventures. Feige has helped shape the live action Marvel Universe and we can see where that has gotten both Marvel and Disney. They really need a driving force behind these animated stories for them to succeed. Can they find their Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano before it’s too late?

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lazarus 12/3/2013 5:53:09 AM

Yeah watched this already and recommend strongly you don't buy it. Animation is crap and the dialogue was written by a third grader.

ElBaz13 12/3/2013 8:08:20 AM

it looks terrible.

This is where DC excels over Marvel, DC's straight to video is 100 times better. Marvel just seems to get worse and worse. They had a good thing going with the Ultimate Avengers and Iron Man straight to video DVDs but they let their guards down once DC got into the straight to video game.

DC has adapted classic storylines from their catalogue. Mavel has done crap. And you would think with the Disney owning them, they would have something going by now?

I would love to see adaptations of Secret Wars, Phoenix Saga to Civil War.


Wiseguy 12/3/2013 9:22:25 AM

Yeah I'm still buying it later and will sit and watch sometime during the week. Hey what can I say I have this 20 dollar bill just burning a hole in my pocket.

ElBaz13 12/3/2013 11:45:19 AM

Money saved from not buying those tampons on Black Friday?


Dazzler 12/3/2013 4:42:33 PM

Sigh...I will also buy it.  Hard at times being diehard Marvel fan..

lazarus 12/4/2013 7:04:49 AM

Must be nice having money to waste, but it is a free country. :)

And Disney is doing something, they are putting out crap like Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider Man.

Oh and to all the asshats who are touting DCs superiority in the animation department. Three words for you. Teen Titans GO!

Yeah DC ain't doing stellar in that department also. I do like the direct to DVD stuff. The last decent one from Marvel was World War Hulk.

ElBaz13 12/4/2013 8:53:25 AM

And even then Laz, I didn't mind World War Hulk but it really didn't capture the essence of the series.

Plus with rights to FF cartoons somewhere else, they couldn't use Surfer and went with Beta Ray Bill. Plus the Illuminati did not have Reed Richards or Prof X. At least DC can do adaptations without limited use of characters.

I think Marvel/Disney has all of the rights to their characters in cartoon format now. Would be a perfect time to do Secret Wars,


Wyldstaar 12/12/2013 9:00:10 PM

I watched Heroes United last night.  I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to direct-to-video animated features, but this was beyond redemption.  I did really enjoy the unusual art style, much as Rob did, as well as disliking the bits that didn't share that same style.  They needed to commit to doing something different, and they just wouldn't do it.  Amazing art used to depict pointless garbage is just lipstick on a pig, though.



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