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DVD Shopping Bag: Rosemarys Baby Criterion Collection

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DVD Shopping Bag: Rosemarys Baby Criterion Collection

All of them witches!

By Robert T. Trate     October 30, 2012
Source: Mania.com

It’s funny how a film can change for you, personally, over the years. I am surprised how E.T. has changed for me. The first time I saw it, I identified with Eliot. Years later, it was Mike. I saw the outsider’s perspective (ET’s point of view) as well. I know now that one day I will even see it through Mom’s eyes.  When it comes to Rosemary’s Baby, it isn’t so much about identification (I am not a father yet), but it’s how I perceive Rosemary (Mia Farrow) herself. With the release of a Criterion Collection Edition (Spine #630), I once again took a trip to the Black Bradford.

I took a film theory course in college and one assignment was to basically over analyze Rosemary’s Baby.  The assignment was to look at the fears of pregnancy in relation to the film. The moment where Rosemary knows her baby is alive has more to it than the Frankenstein quote and the horror acknowledged by the audience. It deals with a mother feeling a living thing growing inside her. The fear, for the mother, is supposed to be gone and the juxtaposition for the audience is that the fear is now real. Yes, Rosemary is going to have Satan’s Baby. I wish I could post the full paper or quote from it. Alas, those files were on 3.5 inch disc and are now forever gone. The point for this column is that, when I first saw Rosemary’s Baby, it was for school. It was a film to be dissected and analyzed. It didn’t deter my over all enjoyment of Polanski’s work. In fact, I sought out Fearless Vampire Killers next. Plus, to this day, I also ask any pregnant woman I meet, “Have you seen Rosemary’s Baby?”

When next I watched the film, outside of class, I had the forehand knowledge of what happens. You can see the brilliance of not only the script, also by Polanski, but also how well he directed the film. In watching Rosemary fall into the traps, it creates a sense of pity and discomfort. Poor Rosemary, she really has no one to turn to. Her husband, Guy (John Cassavetes), has sold her soul and now she has to be mother to Satan’s Baby. The feelings of remorse and horror are ever present up to the moment when Rosemary even picks up her baby and loves it anyway. 

Now, we arrive at the present. A new print of Rosemary’s Baby from the Criterion Collection. It has all the bells and whistles this landmark horror film deserves. Yet, in watching the film this time, it was different. The season, obviously, was right. However, this time as I watched Guy in that motorcycle commercial (the only other acting scene he does in the film besides a rehearsal) I noticed he wasn’t very good. Now, I know Rosemary supports him and is proud. Yet, when Guy suddenly becomes very “hot” she doesn’t ask why? When Terry (Victoria Vetri) dies, Rosemary fails to see how convenient it is that Minnie (Ruth Gordon) and Roman (Sidney Blackmer) just happened to be coming home at the same time? Nor is Rosemary completely weirded out that Minnie gives her Terry’s necklace. The same one she was wearing when they found her dead. Sentimental? Sure, but she knew her for all of 5 minutes and admits to talking to her only once. Should I go into how this “hot actor” is only hanging out with two old people in their apartment instead of working the party scene of New York with his pretty young wife? Here is another question, where is Rosemary’s family? She says she has several nieces and nephews and two siblings, yet they never show up. Her family from Omaha wasn’t estranged or disliked her and still cute, pregnant Rosemary is left out in the dark... with witches. So, in short, this time around, I think the bitch deserved what she got. If she was that naive and oblivious then to hell with you, Rosemary. 

Polanski crafted an incredible film that warrants discussion again and again. The other fascinating element to Rosemary’s Baby is the behind the scenes story. Polanski dealt with the unethical question of whether or not to cast his wife, Sharon Tate, in the lead role. Mia Farrow received divorce papers from her husband, Frank Sinatra, while on set. The apartment building, The Bradford, was actually The Dakota, which would be the last home of John Lennon and thus adding some real horror to the film’s actual shooting location.

For whatever reason, Rosemary’s Baby continues to fascinate us all. Now, I’ll just have to deal with the film on a different level when I became a father and ask the question... “Honey, have you ever seen Rosemary’s Baby?”

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 Indiana Jones blu ray $50 @ Amazon.



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