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Dylan Neal Talks B5: RANGERS

Actor speaks of his role in upcoming pilot film and the potential series.

By Frank Kurtz     August 21, 2001
Source: B5LR.com

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Actor Dylan Neal has been talking about his upcoming gig as Captain David Martel in the BABYLON 5: LEGEND OF THE RANGERS TV pilot.

While talking to Prevue magazine [http://www.prevuemagazine.com/Articles/Flash/177], Neal gave details of his character, Captain David Martel, saying, "David Martel is a guy who has had a bit of a troubled past. He was orphaned at a young age and shipped from one foster family to another. He always had a dream of becoming a Ranger, but because of his past, he has a bit of a temper or attitude problem. It juxtaposes with being a Ranger because the Ranger's are this Zen-like warrior caste. They are very focussed, very controlled, and generally in the past made up almost solely of an alien race called the Minbari. Humans have only recently been allowed to join the Rangers, so human emotions and quick-temperedness, particularly with David Martel, are sometimes in conflict with the ideal Ranger."

Neal provides some details from the coming film, carrying on with his description of the character, saying, "When the movie begins, he's second in command of a ship called the Enfalli. When the captain is injured he's suddenly in charge and he makes the decision to stand down and not unnecessarily endanger the lives of his crew. That's a big no-no for the Rangers, as they always fight to the death. So, he's in big trouble when he gets back to home base and is in jeopardy of being tossed out of the Rangers. He's given a last chance to stay in the Rangers and that's when he's given command of the Liandra, which is this piece of junk nobody wants, and is supposedly cursed. He's told to assemble a crew of anyone who will join him, so he's got this rag-tag group of whoever will join him on this cursed ship. And off they go."

Neal also revealed that, as far as he knows, none of the pilot's cast has been signed for a regular series. Neal says, "If it's a go, they are going to have to come back and renegotiate with us to stay with the project. Assuming that we get invited back and that their test audiences haven't decided that we should all be recast."

He adds, "I've already been offered another series that I've turned down. I'm anxious for Sci Fi to decide what they are going to do, and if they are going to go ahead, to at least come back and talk to us and see if we're all on board... The one I was offered wasn't something that enticed me, for a number of reasons, so thankfully it wasn't a really heavy decision. But, being here in Los Angeles there are always things going on. I personally would like to be involved with BABYLON 5, but we'll have to see what transpires. I don't think Sci Fi is going to air it until January, and if they wait until January to see the ratings, that's over five months away and a lot can happen during that time. I certainly hope that it will all work out."


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