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E3 2010 Predictions

What we expect and want to see at E3 2010.

By Briana Lawrence     June 15, 2010

E3 2010 Predictions
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Some people have the Oscars. Some people have the Grammys. But if you're anything like us you're anxiously waiting for a little conference known as E3, where our beloved -- and sometimes not so beloved -- game companies come together to show off shiny new things for us to geek out over. With so little time remaining before the event, we're already going through all the things we want to see... and things that we really don't.
What we expect to see (but we ain't hatin' it)
1. Legend of Zelda
We've heard that Nintendo will have a playable version of the new wii game at E3. Finally! The best part? It's been said that the game is almost finished!
2. Little Big Planet 2
Recently announced is the return of everyone's favorite sack boy: Sack Boy! And the creativity, somehow, is going to be better than the first one! Sony would be crazy not to talk about this one.
3. Fallout New Vegas
We can't wait to see more of what Fallout has in store for Vegas.  
4. 3DS
We already know that this will be at E3, now we're just waiting to see how it will work WITHOUT 3D glasses. We can't imagine Mario jumping off our DS screen, but if Nintendo can pull it off it would be a big leap for gaming.
5. Three big Microsoft exclusives
We know we'll see more of Halo Reach -- especially with the beta -- but we'd really love to see some more information on Gears of War 3 and Fable 3 -- especially with the announcement of the collector's edition. With three big exclusives on their plates, it would be foolish for Microsoft not to show them off.
6. The Playstation move
We weren't terribly thrilled about the move at first, but the more we see on it the more interested we become. Maybe now we can get a release date.
7. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
A multi-player Assassin's Creed where we can get together with friends and kill people? Where do we sign?
8. Dead Space 2
The creepy, gory space adventure returns. One of the few games to come out in the past few years to genuinely scare the crap out of us.
9. Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2
We're still wondering how a sequel is possible, considering both endings of the first game. But its supposed to be released in October, so what better place to show it off than E3?
10. Portal 2
More Half-Life? Yes please! And Portal all by itself? Even better. Because the cake always has, and always will be, a lie.
11. Call of Duty: Black Ops
We're kind of surprised that we have a release date so soon, but November always seems to be a good time for some Call of Duty. So we're pretty damn sure that this will be at E3.
12. Final Fantasy 14
We're not too fond of the online Final Fantasy games, and its true that we'd rather get some sort of release date for Versus XIII, but we are curious as to how this will work on the PS3 since it would be its first online game where you most likely have to pay monthly fees.
13. Pac-man?!?!
We know they're announcing something, now we want to see what it is.
What we want to see (but aren't quite sure if we will)
1. Two wii exclusives
We have already seen Golden Sun at E3 before, but there still doesn't seem to be any clue as to when it comes out. Epic Mickey has some gorgeous steampunk promo art but there hasn't even been a trailer released. We'd love to see something on any of these games, but wouldn't be surprised if we didn't. 
2. Batman: Arkham Asylum 2
More mayhem in Gotham City! But the sad news is that this is Mark Hamill's last time as the Joker.
3. Gran Turismo 5
We really want to believe Sony's promise of Gran Turismo 5 coming out this year, but we wouldn't be surprised if we had to wait yet again for their sleek, beautiful racer. The prologue was just a slap to the face, just give us the game already!
4. Two PS2 classics on PS3
Similar to the "God of War Collection," there's talks of both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus being remade on the PS3. We can already imagine how gorgeous both games would be, so we hope that this information is true and that E3 has more details.    
5. The Last Guardian
Speaking of, "Shadow of the Colossus," the masterminds behind the game are bringing us something new. This game is about a kid and a rather interesting looking... friend? Pet? Giant beast of destruction?
6. Sonic the Hedgehog 4
Its Sonic the way he was meant to be: no were-hogs, no swords, just fast and 2-D. But we have no idea when it will come out, we hope its soon because after playing with red pepper!Yoshi in Galaxy 2 we miss the zippy blue hedgehog running around loops and collecting coins.
7. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
A next-gen reboot to the franchise that isn't part of the original storyline that takes place during the "End of Days," we know its supposed to be released this year, we just want to see more of it!
8. PSP 2
We've heard rumors of another new PSP model -- which isn't a surprise considering how the PSP GO is doing. With big names like Metal Gear Solid, God of War, and Kingdom Hearts, its about time that Sony started to pay more attention to their handheld device.
What we want to see (and probably won't)
1. Final Fantasy Versus XIII
A new lead character in the same universe as XIII, there's been pictures and trailers out for a very long time, but we doubt that we will see anything at E3.
2. Okamiden
It would be nice for Nintendo to show us something on the next Okami, but that might be asking for too much.
3. Pokemon Black and White
Pokemon games seem to come out in pairs every year, though it may be too early for more information on the newest installment... maybe?
4. Kingdom Hearts 3
It's in production, and we know you play with Sora again, but that's probably all we'll know for a long time.
5. Persona 5
Just like KH3, it's in production at least.
6. Final Fantasy 7 remake
Sigh. We never thought we would be mentioning this since it's been a rumor for a very long time, but Squarenix has come out and said that they are exploring the possibilities. We don't know whether we should be happy, or be completely exasperated because they're going to keep poking us with this news for years to come.
7. Mortal Kombat 9
We didn't even know about this until just recently. Another MK is in the works according to Ed Boon, and this one will be mature rated and not have super heroes. We hear that there will be a holiday release this year, but we've seen nothing on the game at all.
8. Beyond Good and Evil 2
How long ago was this mentioned? Featured in Game Informer? Screencaps shown online? But like everything else, it's in production.
9. Duke Nukem forever
It's pointless to mention this, but since there's a Duke Nukem coming out on DS and PSP we have a small sliver of hope...
What we don't care for (but will probably see anyway)
1. New apps for game systems
Netflix is kinda cool -- an awesome way to watch really bad horror movies -- and facebook is o.k., but we're worried that even more things will be added to our game consoles. Updating Twitter via the 360? Sigh, we wouldn't be surprised. Though there is talk of Hulu being on the 360, which isn't upsetting us at all.
2. More exercise/family games for the wii
It's not that the "casual" games are awful... all right, most of them are horrendous, but we just don't want to have another year where Nintendo forgets about its first party titles.
3. Project Natal
If Microsoft can pull it off it might be cool, but from the one trailer we saw it just looks like too many things to take in. No controller at all? We can't imagine ourselves standing in front of the TV and playing our 360 games. And hey! A new Sonic game that will use it that's NOT the 2-D Sonic game we've been dying for ever since it was announced? Yay.../end sarcasm.
4. More music games
It's not that we hate Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and all that's in-between but we're just not sure what else can be done. Then again, as long as rock exists, these gaming franchises can keep going.


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gutsmgee 6/15/2010 4:34:34 AM

Man..... Rock Bland games...uggghhh..."Cut out all that macho shit and learn how to play guitar" As a musician and a gamer, those games are insulting, boring, and have no soul.....kind of like rap, hip-hop, and house music.

Mayhem101878 6/15/2010 5:33:50 AM

I heard a rumor that Rock Band 3 will have a pro version where they will have a different guitar that has strings.

Calibur454 6/15/2010 6:23:36 AM

There are rumours of a michael Jackson dance game coming down the pike and it is a sure fire bet that nintendo will promote the heck out of it. I just wish nintendo wii would focus on some more mature titles from time to time. Yes they are geared to be more family friendly but it is still something id like to see more of and they would get more people twoards there system if they made more exclisive mature games for there system like they have with The Conduit 2. A game I hope they profile on G4 when they hit the e3 circut this year.

krathwardroid 6/15/2010 6:56:09 AM

For now, I'm really curious about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 and maybe Fallout: New Vegas. I hope it's better than Fallout 3.

Calibur454: I wouldn't mind seeing a next gen sequel to Michael Jackson's Moonwalker video game. I actually liked that one.

TheStormrider 6/15/2010 7:02:20 AM

9. Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2
We're still wondering how a sequel is possible, considering both endings of the first game. But its supposed to be released in October, so what better place to show it off than E3?

The book was the official cannon for the universe. 




He ended up a good guy.




And the book wasnt a bad read. 

TheStormrider 6/15/2010 7:05:52 AM

The old republic,  which had an incredible video premier last night, and DIABLO!

I mean holy hell,  no diablo _still_.

Ohh,  and a new baldurs gate would be nice.  Or some more information on the game the studio that was working on the next baldurs gate,  started.


brichibi 6/15/2010 7:20:57 AM

It's funny going back and reading this as the conference is going, and all the trailers that were released beforehand.  We know Mortal Kombat is coming now, for example, and I missed a heck of a lot of games (Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Infamous 2, Metal Gear on 360, just to name a few).  And Golden Sun is a DS exclusive, lol, that's just a typo  ^^;;;

@Stormrider:  thanks for clarification on Star Wars, now it makes perfect sense  :)


Darkknight2280 6/15/2010 8:47:14 AM

The Force unleashed 2 trailer was BADASS!!! Cannot effing wait for that!!!! Also Star Wars: the old republic!! the new CGI trailer "HOPE" was SOOO AWESOME!! G4 is premiering live game play on that tonight @ 5pm! That will be the only condnder to WOW in my opinion! I have already cancelled my WOW account in anticipation! :)

Rheul_home 6/15/2010 9:21:19 AM

Buying a wii was the biggest retail error I ever made. Should have ignored the wife and got an X-Box. I really dont care much about Force Unleashed II Im looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

acidsquall73 6/15/2010 9:56:39 AM

Force Unleashed 2 does look badass. It's awesome they're going with the cloning angle to bring Starkiller back. Fitting for all that it's worth. 

Old Republic will be epic. Will keep my Galaxies account and do an OR account. They can keep Star Wars coming and I'll buy.

I agree about the music games. They're just getting watered down now. Rock Band is fun, but bringing out things like DJ Hero was just going overboard IMO.

Also looking forward to chowing down on some portal cake. Good stuff.

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