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E3: The Calm Before the Storm

DOOM 3, HALF-LIFE 2, FINAL FANTASY XII and much much more will be on display next week

By Troy Roberts and James Stevenson     May 07, 2004

A screenshot of a bad, bad moment from RESIDENT EVIL 4.
© Capcom

As usual, there looks to be a lot of good things and surprises at E3 this year. I think the biggest thing that I am anticipating so far is Sega's big announcement that they will have during the show. Not much information has been leaked so far, but here's hoping that Sega has decided to jump back onto the console bandwagon and release a new system. I thought that the Dreamcast was a wonderful system (yet, apparently misunderstood) and I still believe Sega has the power to make a very good console (since they are apparently debt free now). Other than that, there is a wide variety of games that will be on display at the expo this

Screenshot of DOOM 3.

year: HALF-LIFE 2, GRAN TURISMO 4, FINAL FANTASY XII, DEAD TO RIGHTS II, KINGDOM HEARTS II, PAPER MARIO 2, and RESIDENT EVIL 4 just to name a few. Of the games mentioned, RESIDENT EVIL 4 may excite me the most I love the series and the newest game looks to really push what the GameCube can do (especially to gamers who think that the system is "underpowered")

Oh yeah, what kind of guy would I be without mentioning STAR WARS KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC II: THE SITH LORDS or STAR WARS GALAXIES: JUMP TO LIGHTSPEED. I'm kind of surprised that HALO 2 hasn't been announced as a game on display, which may lead me to believe that the September release date may not hold for much longer... - TR

There are going to be a lot of awesome games at E3 this year. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the newest playable of DOOM III, and well as a couple Nintendo gems in STARFOX 2, WIND WAKER 2, and METROID PRIME: ECHOES. Across the hallway will be Sony's booth, including the new RATCHET AND CLANK: UP YOUR ARSENAL. I owned everyone else at the press event in Burbank, so I'm hoping for a good showing with some multiplayer action. I also would

Screenshot from GRAN TURISMO 4.

like to get 20-30 minutes in with GRAN TURISMO 4 and see how it is shaping up. It's been nine months since I played it with Charlie Sinahseni of Gaming Nexus and a couple Sony PR guys, and we had an absolute blast. It's going to be one of the best games of the year. Meanwhile, EA's booth is really promising with GOLDENEYE: ROGUE AGENT, as well as BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH and LORD OF THE RINGS: THE THIRD AGE. Microsoft will be showing HALO 2 and FABLE, both of which are enough for me to spend quality time in the green booth. In addition to that, Capcom has RESIDENT EVIL 4, and VIEWTIFUL JOE 2.

So many games! There's also Square's games, FINAL FANTASY XII and KINGDOM HEARTS 2. I loved the first KH, and now you can apparently even get Mickey in your party. Also, HALF-LIFE 2 should be a fairly popular title. In Midway's booth, PSI-OPS: THE MINDGATE CONSPIRACY and MORTAL KOMBAT both call. Sega is planning a huge announcement at the show, which I'm looking forward to, as well as playing SONIC, and the new SAMBA DE AMIGO. So many games, so little time. - JS


FINAL FANTASY XII has been delayed in Japan until later this year or Spring 2005...Activision has announced TONY HAWK'S UNDERGROUND 2...Ubisoft has announced a sequel to its best selling PRINCE OF PERSIA...Gamers are now able to sign up for the beta testing of EVERQUEST II...THQ has announced three new games based on the WWE franchise for release later this year...


The E3-week is generally a rough week. Most companies don't release titles. However, CUSTOM ROBO and the new TRANSFORMERS game can keep you occupied if you need a game, and PC gamers get TRUE CRIME: STREETS OF L.A. There's also a SIMS game for the N-Gage and some Game Boy Advance movies... Yeah, slow week for games, big week for unreleased games and news.

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