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EA reaffirms Xbox support

Nothing is postponed, yet

By James Stevenson     October 02, 2001
Source: GameSpot

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
© 2001 Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts confirmed with Gamespot today that its game lineup for the Microsoft Xbox was still on track.

Recent rumors have speculated that several of Electronic Arts' Xbox projects were in jeopardy. EA is currently planning on releasing ten Xbox titles, four at launch.

"Let me assure you that Electronic Arts is in development of a full complement of Xbox titles," the EA spokesperson told GameSpot.

Rumors have also been flying about MEDAL OF HONOR: ALLIED ASSAULT being delayed on the Xbox so that the PC version can be finished on time. EA said there had been no change in the status of the Xbox version of ALLIED ASSAULT.

Because of the contract, any speculation of Xbox cancellations by EA is most likely pre-mature. But could these rumors be a sign that EA's support may dry up after the initial ten games? Only time will tell.


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