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Easter Eggs of Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Lost Missions

Did you catch these?

By Robert T. Trate     March 20, 2014
Source: Mania.com

The Easter Eggs of The Lost Missions
© Lucasfilm/ Disney
Star Wars: The Clone Wars is now over. As we look forward to Star Wars Rebels and Episode VII, we can satisfy our thirst with over 100 episodes of The Clone Wars. Now the true fun begins in finding all those little gems that are stuck in the background or off in the wings. Many people call these hidden treasures Easter Eggs and The Lost Missions had their fair share.  Mania was able to spot few, but we know we didn’t catch them all. Here is our list of the ones we did find. What did we miss? Post your Lost Missions Easter Eggs in the comment section below!

Commander Doom
“The Unknown” - Episode 1 
There are tons of Clone Troopers in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. A name always emerges and this one stands out. With Disney having purchased Lucasfilm, this one is just too good to pass up. So Clone Commander Doom, with the green and grey armor, is an obvious reference to Marvel character, Doctor Doom, that Disney owns as well. 

Sebulba Cameo
“Rise of Clovis” - Episode 6
It was already interesting enough to see Anakin’s private quarters. Did you happen to catch his old racing adversary up on his wall? Yes, that is Sebulba on a pod racing poster. Should I bother to mention the similarities with the model ship and similar scenario in Luke’s workshop?

Jango Fett Cameo
“Fugitive” - Episode 3
This one was a little obvious, but they didn’t have to show Jango in his full armor. His appearance in Star Wars, you could say, is short lived. His impact, though, was clearly felt. It was great to see that iconic armor in this now iconic series. 

Mon Mothma Cameo
“Crisis of the Heart” - Episode 7
The future leader of the Rebellion has a brief cameo in The Lost Missions. Sure, she had appeared before in The Clone Wars. Here we see a last disapproving look for her as the Republic and Palpatine have taken control of the banks. 

Original Ian McCaig Concept Jedi Design
“The Lost One” - Episode 10
 Master Sifo-Dyas had been spoken of before, but never revealed. So it was perfect when The Clone Wars crew gave him the appearance of Iain McCaig’s Episode I Obi-Wan/ Qui-Gon concept drawing. This has been done throughout The Clone Wars with everything from ships, creatures, and characters. A fitting design for an influential character. 
Jedi Council Chamber, Conceptual Design Character
“Voices” - Episode 11
Another one of Iain McCaig’s concept Jedi appeared in the third to last episode of The Clone Wars. Originally conceived as a Jedi council member, “Rig Nima” plays a Jedi Doctor attending Yoda. Yet another great design used in the series. 

Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos Cameo
“Destiny” - Episode 12
 When Yoda is having his vision on what could have been, we see a serene scene at the Jedi Temple. There are obvious elements that are not right, Doooku chatting with Qui-Gon being the first. However, in the back we see fan favorite Jedi Quinlan Vos standing there. He had been on the series before, but it was great to see him one more time on the series. 

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