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  • Composed By: Christophe Beck
  • Distributor: WaterTower Music
  • Original Year of Release: 2014
  • Series:

Edge of Tomorrow Soundtrack Review

Live Die Repeat Again

By Robert T. Trate     June 24, 2014
Source: Mania.com

Edge of Tomorrow Soundtrack Review
© WaterTower Music
Original movie music! It is something to cherish when it does happen. As of late, all the current releases have been remakes or sequels. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good John Williams score that borrows from previous films in the same storyline. It’s just, after a while, all you hear are those original tracks bleeding through. Enter Christophe Beck and his Edge of Tomorrow score for the summer of 2014.

The film, itself, is a great sci-fi spin on World War 2.  This time, however, the threat is an alien invasion that plans to wipe out mankind. Beck, who is best known for his work on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series and the last two Muppet movies, tackles the monumental task of creating a new score for the film. 

After watching Doug Liman’s film and listening to Beck’s score, I was surprised by what were sound effects and what was music. What I thought were sound effects, actually turned out to be Beck’s music amplifying each scene. The blurriness of combat and the horrors of war are amplified here by Beck’s music. This is what a composer is supposed to do and he nails it for the action scenes. 

The sci-fi part of the music really shines through with the “Live - Die - Repeat” mantra in the film. Much of the score resets itself to unleash a new barrage of heart pounding action. “D-Day” is a great track that marks the tone of film. It is an uphill battle for Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. When the camera pulls back and Beck’s score kicks in, we see the true horrors of this insane war. “Mimics and Alphas” delivers a creepy tonal track that gets under your skin. It is a short piece, but it helps to establish the big bad guys quickly. 

The biggest fault I can find with Beck’s score is the end title “Live, Die, Repeat”. He has no grand finale. It ear marks the tracks that have come before, yet I found no crescendo in the music. There was nothing to tell me that the adventure was over. My final thought is that this may be on purpose. The film itself ends as if none of it ever took place. 

The Edge of Tomorrow soundtrack is out now and available on Water-Tower Music HERE

1) Angel of Verdun (Main Title)
2) No Courage Without Fear
3) D-Day
4) Mimics and Alphas
5) PT
6) Find Me When You Wake Up
7) Navigating the Beach
8) Winning the War
9) Combat Training
10) Deadweight
11) Again!
12) Solo Flight
13) Decoy
14) Whitehall
15) Uncharted Territory
16) I'm Out
17) They Know We're Coming
18) Caged In
19) Ritaliation
20) The Omega
21) Welcome to London, Major
22) Live, Die, Repeat (End Titles)

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scifi1972 6/24/2014 2:32:22 PM

Honestly, this score is awful. It's just another in the long line of recent scores that sound less like an orchestral score & more like a jumple of incoherent electronic noise. The poison that is the Zimmer/Remote Control sound now dominates Hoillywood films.

domino2008 6/24/2014 6:39:17 PM

back in the day when Sergio Leone made a film it was Ennio Morricone  whos score was from the  heart ,. same as John Barry. I can listen to them today a I did 40 years ago



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