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jedibanner 7/21/2012 6:13:17 AM

Great article which also brings back many debates about the situation.

Religion, movies, violence, faith...many aspects of life affects us and details how we act in live. All of us.

Morality, honor, respect (like putting spoiler alert), all things that we learn in life to some degree and apply it to our own choosing.

Having studied and read a lot on psychology, I would argue that all aspects or religion, movies, games, work, relationship DOES have an affects how one could react in some situation or another. 

I remember in Lost some people were congratulating Michael for killing Libby or Anna-Lucia because it was ''all in the name of protecting his son'' yet many saw him as a killer and not a father.

Our guidelines as to what is acceptable in our day to day life wether on TV or in our relationships or at work is becoming more and more abstract each day.

This man has some very serious issues but now what doesn't help is that he mentionned ''he was the joker''...fiction imitates life.

There is a debate I think that can be discussed because, yes, this isn't about Batman but it is link to it regardless. This man for whatever reason saw that the movies themselves affected him in some shape or form, just like religion or a girlfriend or a friend might do something that could make us react in some way many might not understand.

Our sociaty is getting darker and meaner every year...Colombine seemed so crazy years ago...now school shooting are almost on a yearly basis, not just in the US but Canada also.

My message is to all of us who have passions and beliefs (although I don't believe in god), it is always times like these that we have to look at ourselves as a species and prioritize what is important to us and continue to go in a direction of peace and harmony because our future as human beings is threaten.

Let's try to live together, not against each other.



Dazzler 7/21/2012 6:18:02 AM

This was an attack on Batman.

I am pulling my thoughts here for my own sake really.  Then post to my fb maybe.

The guy clearly wanted to shoot and kill people at a midnight showing of Batman.  He was very prepared to do so and dressed the way he thought would be the most effective.  He used smoke/gas for a distraction to shoot more people.  I am unclear if he ran out of ammo and just decided to leave.  When he left he did not suicide by cop or kill himself so he wanted to be captured.  He left his home booby trapped which tells me he fancied himself a super villian, he called himself "joker". 

My opinions are:

More good people need to legally carry guns. 

Why were there not cops at a midnight showing?  There are cops at 7ish showings by my mall theater.

The shooter was crazy of course but deserves the death penalty.  Co has it I checked. 

We should not change our lives based on one moron. 

I also would say this shooter was a terrorist since he was not out to murder a specific person or persons or try to rob the theater.  You don't have to be from out of country to be a terrorist. 

And yes this is a Batman shooting, calling it anything else would be a disrespect to the good people in the theater and their families/friends.

If I was there with a gun I would have waited for my shot no matter if he ran out of ammo or not to kill him.  I do carry a legal 3 inch knife sometimes.  I would have tried to improvise using that somehow. 

Disclaimer:  these are my thoughts


dojen1 7/21/2012 6:25:13 AM

Rob, that is IMO your finest writing ever. Like others, I agree 100%. I read this aloud to my Mrs. and we both got a little choked up by the end. May I suggest that Mania SATURATE the media with your article? I am sad for the victims in Aurora and their loved ones. And I feel a bit guilty about feeling sad for Mr. Nolan, the cast, crew and WB for the lost of a blockbuster opening they likely deserved.

SmokingFrog77 7/21/2012 6:59:08 AM

I will say a few things, and being Australian please excuse any ignorance or cultural differences to those of you who are Americans and are a little closer to this.

  • Rob - excellent article. Sensible, compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful, like pretty much everything you write on Mania. Well done.
  • Some people are going to make this about Batman, and the first person to do this was the killer. But he could have just as easily made it about capitalism, families, pretty girls who looked like the one who dumped him in high-school, or his religion. At the end of the day he just wanted to kill a lot of people, and be remembered for it.
  • Atheists like Stalin didn't kill in the name of atheism per se, even though Atheism was a component of his political doctrine. But ultimately, all these religious or non-religious political figures who ordered the deaths of untold millions, the one thing that they have in common is that they're people, human f*cking beings, and people do horrible, horrible things to each other for a million billion different reasons EVERY SINGLE DAY. Stalin himself once supposedly said "War solves all problems. No more people, no more problems."
  • That said, if this guy was a Christian who was shooting at single mums or homosexuals, whilst he would be painted as a fundamentalist crazy, noone would be saying on, say, Fox & Friends, "Why are we allowing this violent religion into our homes? Parents need to be able to protect their children from such vile influences". There would be no bible burnings (except amongst people who already burn bibles, you know, for shitz n' gigglez or something). But when someone who is an Other in a predominantly white, Christian country (e.g. a satanist, a metal head, a trench-coat wearer, a Muslim, a geek, Korean), then of course the media and mainstream thought tries to tie their "Otherness" to the offence in a causal way so that everyone feels safter because they can just isolate themselves from people like that. Like Rob said, we like the simple, quick-fire answer. It's simply easier to live with.
  • Lastly, more people having guns means that more shots are fired in a situation like this, and given how notoriously inaccurate a pistol is in a combat situation in the hands of pretty much anyone other than a trained small-arms expert, if say four other cinema goers with handguns had opened fire on this guy, unless they were all cops or pistol club champs, there would have been a lot more blood on the floor. Unfortunately good intentions would make little difference. Getting rid of high capacity magazines or semi-automatic weapons altogether is the only way to reduce the damage someone like that can do. If Martin Bryant had had to reload the breach in a bolt-action after every shot during the Port Arthur massacre, he would have been taken down far quicker. That said, I don't know what the shooter had in this case, maybe a pump-action? I don't know. I doubt it was a breach loading shotgun or a bolt action rifle though.

That is all, other than to say this is completely fucked.

lazarus 7/21/2012 7:03:23 AM

My opinions about what should happen to the man who commited this horror are my own. Is it right? Is it wrong? I don't know, I know that killing him won't bring back those souls. But JUSTICE needs to be done. Somehow. In our new society, it feels like we spend more time trying to find excuses, reasons, justifications, and anything else to diminish the truth of the fact some people are just evil. Were they born that way or become that way or did something happen...who knows. Frankly I have almost come to the point I don't care. If I am wrong for that I am sorry but sometimes there just no more room for excuses.

I am not sure how this got blamed on religion or the topic was steered there. I have heard nothing that supports that yet. The only thing I know is history is littered with examples of religion taken to extremes is dangerous. It not to say religion is bad but as in everything we do, if it is not moderated and evaluated on it's own merits it becomes dangerous. Al-Quida, The Spanish Inquitions, Salem Witch trials, The Crusades, all of these based on the premise of religion gone to extremes. I don't know if this guy was religious or not, I do know he was evil.

Christianity is not bad, Christianity taken to the extremes (hunting down other religious followers, demonizing those who don't follow your faith) is dangerous. Sorry this is gone so long.

A final thought, I don't know if a person with a CCP would have made a difference. I would like to think so but reality is with machine guns and the situation it might have not helped. My theater here in Florida has been staffed with 2 officers daily for the last 5 years, usually at night or midnight premiers, I am surprised more are not doing this. Within the last 2 years I have personally witnessed 2 gang fights and 1 couple having sex in the stairwell of the theater.

I find it rather disturbing that we have come so far in society that we now need the local police to guard our theaters because people have forgotten how to behave in polite/civilized society. And some one already said it is time to stop fighting against each other and work together.

My opinion only. If you chose to disagree please be respectful about it.

lazarus 7/21/2012 7:09:01 AM

Frog, reports are he was using an AR-15 with extra clips, he also had a shotgun and two pistols with him. Agreed on your comments about having the small arms and shooting back. I was trying to articulate that and you did it better than I could. Yes firing a .38 or .22 or even 9 mil in a dark theater of panicing people would be difficult at best. Especially from the crowd angle.

Oh and according to the news he owned all the weapons legally.

DarthBob 7/21/2012 7:25:41 AM

 "Only thing is that we KNOW that religion done wrong is actually a factor in a lot of horrors."  How convenient you religion haters always leave Chairman Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Enver Hoxha, etc. out of your religion hating rants.  No one has committed more atrocities against mankind than atheists during their purges of the religious in their countries. Human deaths at their hand is well over 100 million lives, name one religion that even scratches the surface of this body count.  Evil people will use whatever means they can to be evil.  This tragedy has nothing to do with God and everything to do with one evil human named James Eagan Holmes.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 7/21/2012 7:48:32 AM

Some of you people have reading comprehension issues or you are stupid - I swear. I'm not even talking about government leaders at all. I'm talking about people that kill people because God told them to or they abuse their children harshly because they have some miscontrued sense of religion. Religion can be blamed for equally just like people like to blame media for things and it's not neither of their faults. I clearly said that. But the thing about religion is that it's been going on longer than before there even was media and people like suicide bombers in the Middle East clearly do it for RELIGION. We are very unsure if people really do stuff because media or if it's just something lawyers use to try to set their clients free.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 7/21/2012 7:51:59 AM

In other words there are people that have said people do this stuff because of rock music, movies etc. Or those things are blamed on people's atrocities. The same exact thing can be said for religion. But nobody ever points their fingers at it. I never said this guy did it for religion because I had no idea till later that he was a Christian.

vagabondster 7/21/2012 7:54:52 AM

 i totally agree wth the editorial and in particular, hooked's comments. There is no doubt in my mind that this person knew what he was doing. Chances are he will try for an insanity plea, but i even think insanity should not be used in a majority of the cases in which it os used, simply because of one question: did he understand right from wrong? Could he understand that his actions led to the death of others? If the answer is yes, then he has no excuse or defense. personal responsibility needs to be shown more no matter your station in life. 

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