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Editorial: Email Round-up

By Chris Beveridge     July 31, 1998

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July! I figured I'd best get this months editorial out of the way fast so as to keep all my visitors nice and happy!

We'll do an email roundup this time!

I've gotten several comments after posting the BGC information I received regarding the possibility of it being redone in 5.1 and letting M2K know that this is worth putting the extra time into.

Personally, I'd rather they didn't. At best, I hope the remaster it to Dolby Digital 2.0 surround sound instead of leaving it in the pro-logic it already is so that the sound is crisper. I'd rather they didn't make a 5.1 out of something that isn't, since I've heard enough "faked" effects already on some prominent discs to make me not want it done.

Yes, Ghost in the Shell was incredible, as is the Tenchi Muyo In Love disc. But I doubt that it will extend well to older shows, especially OVA's or TV episodes. I'm just eagerly awaiting the release....

And speaking of releases, I'm surprised not too many people have chimed in in the quizlet a the bottom of the main news page! With July upon us, we're now 3 months past due on the first Image anime discs, though with word that four transfers were completed almost two weeks ago, we may see some of them soon. It's been a literal drought lately with no anime since Ninja Scroll.

Speaking of Ninja Scroll, I've received a lot of questions regarding my review of that flick, most notably in the 5.1 English soundtrack. I had no trouble at all playing it, no dropouts or fluctuations. Granted, that was on my Sony 3000. I recently purchased a Panasonic A-110 for my parents, but opted to hold onto it myself since I have the 5.1 setup and they only have a 2.0 and frankly, the audio on the A110 seems a couple hairs better. I played this disc on the A110, which people claim to have a lot of trouble with. Nary a problem... maybe I lucked out with this disc.

Region coding... lots of questions there. There are several places where you can buy a code-free player (though some discs, namely Hollywood discs, won't play on them) as well as places on the net to learn how to mod your player, a la Playstation modifications. If interested, checked Deja News and do a search on DVD + MOD and see what you come up with. If you do it, let me know how it goes.

A personal kudos to Pedro for taking the time to do a review of the Region 2 Evangelion discs that were posted last month. I'm still very open to other people having their reviews on this page, especially if they disagree with my review and present clear reasons why. Visitor input is important to me!

I've also been told that if you are interested in purchasing the Evangelion discs, another place to check is Anime Frontier and then head on over to the Literal Translation Project homepage for the scripts...

And my last little bit for this month comes from several readers asking me to set up petitions regarding the newly announced titles from Image. Babel II, Crimson Wolf and the Lupin III shows are tentatively listed as being English only. Lord knows that'll cause enough uproar among die-hard fans (like myself), but I'm real hesitant to do so. In my few conversations with the head guy at Image, I've found that unless they are given the tracks for such things, odds are they won't do it. Often times it'll be a legal issue where they cannot get around it. I'm already believing this is the case with these shows, as they are Streamline shows. Streamline often never intended to do subtitled versions, so only opted for dub rights, which means no matter how much we holler, they simply can't do it. If someone knows otherwise in regards to these shows, let me know and I'll see what I can work out.

Thanks for reading and keep enjoying that anime!


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