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Editorial: General Ranting

By Chris Beveridge     June 30, 1998

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of an editorial last month, but hey, wedding plans can do that, no?

So let's start this editorial off right - lets rant a little. Some of you may know of a site called DVD Watcher. They do a real bang up job of culminating DVD news, both Video and PC, from across the news sites on the net, as well as several fan sites. Initially, when I started this site, I had contacted them regarding how I could let them know about news bits and what not, but was told that my site isn't particularly newsworthy, though if I did have some news, I should email it to them.

Ah well, I know the way things go. Anime DVD. A great little niche within a niche.

Imagine my shock this past week when I see they have posted a news bit from DVD Review about two upcoming titles from US Manga/Image. Almost TWO weeks after I posted the information here for my fellow anime enthusiasts. Harrumph I say. I promptly emailed them about this, and of course have received no word back.

Guess that means we're a grass roots efforts here. Ah well, doesn't bother me all that much, just in the fact of the dates.

So where's the Image discs? Well, one good clue in regards to this comes from a common idea that most RSDL discs, which are hard to produce to begin with, are in very high demand by the major studios. So basically, a Warner Brothers of Universal RSDL disc is waaaaaaaaaay ahead of anime Image anime DVD's that require it (can you say Iria or Lodoss? I knew you could).

While this is bad for us, it's good to see that the plants cannot keep up with the demand. And hopefully as they produce more RSDL discs, and more plants come online to handle them, they'll be less "bad batches" and we'll see our titles street on time as the year comes to a close.

Meanwhile, is everyone enjoying what they do have on disc? I've been having a blast showing off the Tenchi Muyo In Love (people are amazed to see kanji on the screen, as well as the excellent 5.1 soundtracks) as well as the sound reference disc Ghost In The Shell. Even Ranma got some serious showings while I had company over during the wedding weekend.

As an aside, if anyone knows, can you post to the forum whether the movies released, and I mean movies, such as Ninja Scroll were originally released in a widescreen/letterbox format in Japan? I hate seeing people yell that so and so isn't letterboxed, when I know that many anime movies released in Japan are not letterboxed or are presented in an aspect that will fit quite nicely onto television sets.

Or maybe I'm just more delusional than usual. After all, I've had to watch the wedding tape 3 times today. :)

Have a good one!



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