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Edward Furlong Talks The Crow: Wicked Prayer

    July 14, 2005
Source: www.movieweb.com

Q:What was it like stepping into this role of Jimmy Cuervo? Did you go out of your way to make it yours? What's that like for you?Edward Furlong: It's sort of like a really slow process that Lance Mungia, the director, and I went through. Initially, I was just attracted to the script because it was The Crow and I got to put on some leather pants and kick people's ass. Me and Lance just went over the script with a fine tooth comb and just really kinda made the character work for me really well. From the initial beginning we wanted to do something different, we wanted to make him sort of more of an anti-hero. I guess you could just simply put it, the pissed off Crow.


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