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Edward Norton says 'Hulk's future looks uncertain

    September 16, 2008
Source: splashpage.mtv.com

'Incredible Hulk' star Edward Norton told MTV Splash Page that if Marvel plans on employing him as Bruce Banner in a sequel they have yet to talk to him about it.

"The minds of Marvel are sometimes opaque," Norton told MTV News. "I won't say [they're] obtuse, but I don't have any idea what they want to do."

The 'Hulk' movie was declared a hit, even though it paled in comparison to Marvel's other 2008 release 'Iron Man' and barely out-earned the previous 'Hulk' movie of 2005. A solo green giant sequel is hardly a no-brainer for the studio.

But what about Norton appearing in the 'Avengers' movie?

"They've got this notion of collecting the Marvel characters," said Norton, who, according to Splash Page, appeared skeptical of the notion. "Who knows where they'll go?"

Would you like to see Ed Norton return to the role of Banner? Is there room for another try at a Hulk movie? Post your comments below...


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