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  • Distributor: Mezco

Edward Scissorhands: Vincent Price

Merchant of Menace Now On Sale

By John Denning     October 08, 2006

Edward Scissorhands: Vincent Price
© Mezco
Mezco has been a licensed producer of Edward Scissorhands toys for a couple of years now, and they've offered up some pretty fantastic stuff. The 9" Edward doll has articulation on every scissor finger, which is one of those added details that makes a figure more than just a plastic statue. As much as Mezco's signature caricature molds created an adorable doe-eyed Johnny Depp, the real gem of the license is available now with the coolest toy version of ol' Bink since Sideshow's 12" of the Abominable Dr. Phibes.

There are few simple, affordable toys made for Vincent Price, and any good horror lover should have this figure. The exaggerated features style of Mezco suits the serio-comedic style of Mr. Price extremely well, making him that much more recognizable, lovable and eerie. Thanks to the great wardrobe he had in Edward Scissorhands, he's impeccably well-dressed, too, and the paint job on his textured longcoat is a nice detail.

Even if you didn't like the movie, the two prosthetic hands accessories the toy comes with could be related to House of Wax or dabbed with some fake blood to create a more gruesome scene. Besides, if any toy would come to life, it's a Vincent Price one, and how could you pass up an opportunity like that?


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