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YOUNG JUSTICE INVASION: COMPLICATIONS Review (Article) - 2/19/2013 9:39:43 AM

 Damn these networks catering to all the snotty nosed little carpet crawlers.

JD,resist the urge to cry and punch someone in the fartbox.

Covered in Campbell for Ash Wednesday (Article) - 2/13/2013 6:20:29 AM

 Ash, Coach Boomer, Brisco, Sam Axe, Autolycus..... Hail to the king baby.

YOUNG JUSTICE INVASION: WAR Review (Article) - 2/12/2013 10:32:54 AM

 Can we start a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new season of YJ. I'd buy that for a dollar.

Supernatural: As Time Goes By Review (Article) - 2/4/2013 7:54:23 AM

 Solid  episode. Kind of shakes up a lot of the lore. Why not just jump to a point in time where John was still alive and hunting? BTdubs you mean different not difference in paragraph 4. Fix it real quick before anybody else sees.

YOUNG JUSTICE INVASION: THE FIX Review (Article) - 1/31/2013 11:13:48 AM

 Sad dark days indeed. Boos have been hooed. GL got the axe too. The last episode with Sinestro was one of the best so far.

Arrow: Trust But Verify Review (Article) - 1/31/2013 11:07:38 AM

 It's all part of CW's plan to introduce the Just Us League starring Blurry, Hoodie, The Brooder, Bling Ring, and The Quickie. Coming next fall.

YOUNG JUSTICE INVASION: THE FIX Review (Article) - 1/31/2013 8:49:54 AM

 Now that this show has been officially cancelled, I think you will be seeing a lot of expidited resolutions to the various threads. Really too bad I consistently enjoyed this show.

Mania Review: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (Article) - 1/26/2013 10:51:04 AM

 I knew this movie should've been "The Marvelous Marvin Hanso and Gretel".

Mania Review: Mama (Article) - 1/19/2013 5:51:19 AM

 I think you mean cue the Genesis. Let's give Mike and Tony some credit too.

Movie Preview 2013 (Article) - 1/8/2013 8:25:46 AM

 I'm glad they decided to shorten up the title on this movie "The Last Exorcism Part II" (No For Reals This Time) It was just too long.


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