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starpunk 12/25/2009 2:51:30 PM

I really enjoyed this series a lot. I loved Noir and Madlax so I might be a little biased when it came to my overall experience with this anime, because I was so looking forward to seeing the finally of the girls with guns trilogy. I understand that the plot isn't 100 percent there and there are some questions that were never really addressed or answered, but I loved the character interactions, especially on an emotional level. I thought the humor of the series was refreshing and not overdone and I was captivated to the final moment of episode 25. The epilogue was a nice tough to bring relative closure to this series and the trilogy. While its true this anime had a kinda episodic approach to it for the most part, but once the overall plot started to get momentum it was an entertaining ride.  I guess looking at the series itself, it is probably the weakest of the three, mostly due to its light-hearted approach and holes in the plot, which as Mr. Beveridge referred to above may consider it a "wash" to some people, but if you enjoyed Noir and Madlax then this is a must see.



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