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[The MW3C] Maniac WolrdWideWebgamers Clubhouse

[The MW3C] Maniac WolrdWideWebgamers Clubhouse

Sugg, Review or Play with other Maniacs in your fave free webgames.


\/\/elcome to the MW3C fellow Lunatiks! (that's Maniac's - Ed)

1/26/2009 2:03:53 AM permalink

Greetings and Welcome to the MW3C fellow Lunatiks! (that's Maniac's - Ed)

You say tomato, I say bugger off Ed.

(as your Editor, I would just like to say this, "what or who the heck is Wolrd?"

You don't know Wolrd? he's famous. he invented post-it notes.

Look, it's a Typo Ed.  And one that I can't apparently fix.  but since most people here are insane, I think we'll just leave it be.  Seems appropriate somehow.

(translation: too lazy to change it - Ed)

Don't go away with a large purple boot in your posterior Ed, just go away.

Right, Welcome Maniacs!

If you're lookin for the PS3 & Xbox Gaming Crew group, this uh wouldn't be it. 

If you have a PS3 or Xbox, Punch ((here)) to be taken to Hanso's excellent group.

This clubhouse is for sharing those webgames that abound about the net. 

You know, from the simple classic-arcade free web-browser version of Ms. Pacman (with high score gallery for Mania competitions) and the maddeningly addictive casual-game Bejeweled2 Tournament (also with high score gallery - Ed)

to the brainsharpening webgaming of MindDojo, Trivial Pursuit [the movie edition] and the Cambridge (timed) Sudoku

to the impressive free web versions of the elegant likes of Flow , Portal and Samorost

to the complex The Dark Complex and 3Dlogic

to the darker eviler Ed-pants-soiling Exmortis (he put exlax in my root beet - Ed) yeah, that's HIS story, or the simpler-yet-strangely-satisfying atmospheric H.P Lovecraft undead-shooter De-Animator.

(and don't forget the incredibly cute Tweety Zombie! - Ed)

I don't know why I let you keep your skin Ed.  

to the hyper-impressive larger and uber-professional yet-still-free online games like RuneScape, and the Halo predecessing Marathon Trilogy

to everything webgame inbetween.

Essentially, If you've discovered a webgame that you like, give, give, give and write a review, or if you're in a hurry, simply post a link sugging it to fellow Maniacs.  or we'll appear in your mirror at 2am.

In cases where high-score galleries exist in-game (such as Ms. Pacman and Bejeweled2 above) Mania competitions for high scores can take place

You know, post that you hit the highscore board today in whatever webgame, and dare fellow Maniacs to beat you else you shall own them.

or Whatever your vernacular fancy.

I'd start this clubhouse off now by listing some of my fave webgames, but through an odd quirk in the time-space continuum, I seem to have already done that. 

(that was uncharacteristically sane -Ed)

Yes, that seems to be happening more often lately. I hope this sanity thing is a passing phase. 

Anyway. See above.  All links active and lead to the webgames in question.

And for the record, if I see Maniac nomenclatures showing up in the Ms. Pacman highscore gallery, I SHALL THEN PROCEED TO OWN YOUR ARSE IN IT.

What's YOUR fav webgame?


Michael X. Maelstrom.


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StarlightGuard 1/26/2009 5:15:28 AM

you lucky bastards....I'm including Hanso (and everyone in his group) when I say this

I'm going to have to live vicariously through the lot of you as, not only does this computer not work with my game controller I had with my previous models (the ones from 1994 approx - 2003) but I also can't play all those older games on this one  (from very late 2004 through to today)

(yeah, boo hoo hoo, poor me and all that shit)

I AM sitting here waiting for Ms. Pacman to load though....we'll see how well that goes

(in fact I'm writing this as I'm waiting for the damned thing to load)

more and more I realize that I am slipping further and further back into the stone age...

I wonder if Commander Keen is for free up here on this fancy net thing....I used to play it through the 90's, along with Maniac Mansion II, and LHX Attack Chopper.....oh, and lemmings

still loading apparently

I may have to follow maelstrom's (bad) example and become evil, simply for the sake of playing games online.....ah yes, I'd also have to steal myself a wireless controller like my friend bought a month ago, who was waving the damned thing in my face....the bastard

still loading

looks like I'll also have to change my screen resolution size to see the whole damned playing field as well....(god isn't this pathetic?)'s almost finished....hey, it works! and it didn't take half an hour to download!

I will have to change my resolution...but I'm not certain how I'd get used to using the arrow keys...

I oughta dig that old controller out again, just to be sure once again....

michaelxaviermaelstrom 1/26/2009 11:17:24 PM

Yesssss, (7 baritone voices overlap) Become Evaaaaaaal.

*cough* sorry, relapse.

WebGaming Tip #1: Punch your F11 key to temporarily nuke the toolbars and bookmarks and flip to your browsers fullscreen mode. Ms. P will then fit at 800x600 rez with the gametable centered.

WebGaming Tip #2: sugg using IE for webgames.

I find FireFox is the faster browser for non-static constantly changin pages (and you can ad-block, which loads sites MUCH faster) but webgames don't change very often 'natch; in default mode IE's cache lasts longer than FF's (based on a comparison of both browser's default cache settings)

That makes a big difference to game-load wait-times 'natch. When a webgame is loaded from the browser cache on your harddrive, it doesn't have to re-download the webgame, saving you buckets of time.

If you tweek the FF cache & java settings you can get it to work as well as or faster than IE for webgames, but tweeking cache settings is a balance bitch, the longer the cache stays in control, the faster pages load from your hard-drive, but web-surfin suffers, it'll also load the cached version of a webpage instead of the newly updated one at teh websites.

I couldn't find a good way to balance both in one browser, so I simplify the process by using FF to speed-surf the net and IE exclusively for webgames.

note: some twonk crashed her high score gallery today, so Mania Competitions on Ms. Pacman will have to wait until the scoreboard's been fixed.  You can still play, have to practice to compete anyway, it's not a kiddie version, even gettin to 60 grand on Ms. P is difficult.

re: Commander Keen and ye ol DOS games.

Mang, that's classic Starlight, haven't tried them for awhile, not since I picked up Videgame system emulators for the PC. I use them for old-school gaming along with the Wii's Virtual console. Hell I still enjoy poppin in NES Blaster Master, from time to time.

If you're lookin to revisit ol Dos games, you're in luck, there's a classic PC games website that comes with..

*wait for it* 

BOTH a Browser-based Java DOS emulator AND the original DOS games. 

Yeah, a DOS emulator! you guessed it, the upshot: You can play original DOS games online in your web-browser now

Punch (( here )) for a list of DOS Games, then punch any underlined gametitle to play it online.  It'll load the DOS emulator in your browser, then the original game. Commander Keen is go.



StarlightGuard 1/27/2009 9:40:58 AM

I'll have to make this brief, the power just came back on half an hour ago....and it might not stay on

(effing ice storms knocked me out, I've had no heat, no hot water, and I'm beginning to ripen from a lack of showering today)

I should kick myself in the head after you reminded me to press F-11....hell I know that, why didn't I think of that? I'm getting old, that's why.

i dug out that controller, an old gravis pc gamepad....the damned thing isn't compatible with my computer, as there's not a serial drive for it to plug into.....i wonder if there's a way to convert it from that to usb.....(is that possible?)

commander keen I'll have to look up, I only played game 1 and game 4.....beat both though

i was up to just over 20,000 on ms pacman, not bad for a guy whose only using a keyboard with somethign resembling carpal tunnel in both wrists......(i may need to take it easy on ms. pac for that very reason, which is why i need a good controller)

i'm bookmarking that emulator......but now i need food and a shower




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