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lazarus 4/16/2013 11:42:58 PM

Yeah that is not obvious at all.

Seriously. How is a black man with blue skin going to walk around NYC without attracting attention?

And god please don't play the misunderstood monster schict again. That is SO played out. I want a straight out villain, guy who is a greedy, murderous scumbag with super powers. No sob story bullshit. He walks in a bank, cooks the guard right before everyone, walks in and takes all the money.

Better villains make for a more realistic story. That is why TDK is still one of the best films EVER. Cause Ledger's Joker was a beast and not afraid to show that.

That is why I hope Zod in MOS is an evil fuck. From what I have seen he will be. Love to see him unleash Kryptonian technology on Earth and see the people freak out. Again Zod can't really exist because if someone with Superman's powers and no moral inhibitions wanted to take over. It would not be hard.

cinemaman72 4/17/2013 7:02:42 AM

I don't mind that they are going with the Ultimate Electro. So far so good. As for people bashing; why not wait till the freaking movie comes out or at least we see a trailer before laying on the hate!

jonniej1017 4/17/2013 9:28:39 AM

I think its goin to  b great.. Its has a very realistic feel to it.. just like the first one.

** Does anyone know when they are filming this? Cuz i hear its right by my house in Bethpage, Long Island

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