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ELEKTRA's deadly kiss

First shot of Typhoid Mary shows up

By Patrick Sauriol     October 25, 2004
Source: USA Today

Typhoid Mary prepares to lay a deadly kiss on ELEKTRA.
© 20th Century Fox
USA Today has published the first photo of Typhoid Mary, one of the heavies from the upcoming ELEKTRA movie. The image is likely getting some added exposure because it shows Mary (played by actress Natassia Malthe) about to lay a fatal liplock on Elektra (Jennifer Garner).

Malthe is quick to point out that the scene in question isn't meant for true titillation, but it's drama. "This is not a sexual act," Malthe tells the newspaper. "I want to kill her."

In the Daredevil comic, Typhoid has the power to kill any living thing by planting a kiss on their skin. The ELEKTRA movie recreates this ability and adds to Mary's power. "She can kill with her touch or by kissing or even blowing kisses," adds Malthe. "If she walks through a forest, everything withers around her."

ELEKTRA hits theaters in January.

[A shout out to Coming Soon for the heads up.]

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