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The Elevator: 'Chesty Sanchez'

By Rob M. Worley     April 02, 2008

On one side: producers, directors and other Hollywood players looking for the next big thing.

On the other side are the comic book artists and writers creating the next big thing.

In between is...The Comics2Film Elevator.

Five simple questions. Five quick answers. Just enough to start the ball rolling as you ride from ground to roof.

Today Steven Conrique-Ross steps into The Elevator and goes to the mat for his comic 'Chesty Sanchez'...

ELEVATOR (E):  Describe 'Chesty Sanchez'  in two sentences or less.

STEVEN CONRIQUE-ROSS (SCR): Chesty Sanchez was a disgraced female wrestler: with her unbridled fury in the ring, backed up by her Amazonian build and strength, she had made a small army of enemies that conspired to bring her down. The comic book story begins when a food company (Frijoles del Oro) hires her, gives her a new image, teams her up with a sidekick, and sends them out on missions as crimefighting corporate mascots. 

E : If you were to compare 'Chesty Sanchez' to a movie or TV show what would it be?

SCR: Heh heh. The James Bond movies because of the gimmicks and gadgets, the Indiana Jones movies because of the pulp-inspired action and cultural folklore, and 'Under Seige' because it's about a tall person who can snap bones in three places.

But 'Chesty Sanchez' also has elements from 'Desperado,' 'From Dusk 'til Dawn,' 'Selena,' and 'Santo and Blue Demon vs. the Monsters': that should make your head swim!

And 'Chesty Sanchez' is absolutely NOTHING like 'Nacho Libre'!

E :Why do you think 'Chesty Sanchez' would translate to film/TV/animation?

SCR: 'Chesty Sanchez' has strong visuals, is about fun characters with a lot of potential for growth, and is set in an exotic location where almost anything can happen.

In addition to being ground zero for 21st century action characters that would appeal to the Latino market (I call them 'The League of Extraordinary Mexicans'), 'Chesty Sanchez' can also deal with universal emotions and themes such as anger, acceptance, family, body image, gender roles, fame, race, religion, superstition, etc.

E: How can folks find your comic?

SCR: Copies are always turning up on eBay, or check the bargain boxes at your local comic shop.

In addition to the comic book miniseries, a three-part prose story ran in 'Mangazine,' published by Antarctic Press. It features a crossover with Ben Dunn's Warrior Nun Areala character.

The prose story re-tells Chesty's origin, and she's given the more family-friendly name Loca Sanchez. I think it's a much better introduction to Chesty/Loca Sanchez and her world than the comic books. The entire story (with illustrations) can be found on my Blogger page, and in in my MySpace blogs.

E: How can folks learn more about you and your work?

SCR:, or

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