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The Elevator: 'Jesus Hates Zombies'

By Rob M. Worley     February 25, 2008

On one side: producers, directors and other Hollywood players looking for the next big thing.

On the other side are the comic book artists and writers creating the next big thing.

In between is...The Comics2Film Elevator.

Five simple questions. Five quick answers. Just enough to start the ball rolling as you ride from ground to roof.

Today's guest in The Elevator is comics writer Stephen Lindsay, creator of 'Jesus Hates Zombies'

ELEVATOR (E):  Describe 'Jesus Hates Zombies'  in two sentences or less.

SL: 'Jesus Hates Zombies' is the story of a world overrun with the walking dead where God finally decides that enough is enough and sends Jesus back to Earth once again to save all of humanity. Only this time, it's not about peace and love; it's about bashing zombie skulls!

E: If you were to compare 'Jesus Hates Zombies' to a movie or TV show what would it be?

SL: It's like 'Bubba Ho-Tep' meets 'The Passion of the Christ' with a healthy does of 'Lethal Weapon' thrown in and topped off with 'Blazing Saddles'.

E :Why do you think 'Jesus Hates Zombies' would translate to film/TV/animation?

SL: I definitely think 'Jesus Hates Zombies' would translate best to animation. It's so pulpy, it would really work well as a serialized type of animated series, like many of the cartoons on Adult Swim. It has a unique perspective on what is tasteful and what is funny, but it never takes itself too seriously.

E: How can folks find your comic?

SL: The initial anthology can be ordered from your comics shop using the Diamond Order Code JAN083325

It's also available from booksellers with the 10-digit ISBN 0979787459, or the 13-digit ISBN: 978-0979787454

E: How can folks learn more about you and your work?

SL: My official site is: I can also be found on ComicSpace, Facebook, MySpace.

I'm completely and utterly addicted to email, so people can contact me directly at:

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