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The Elevator: 'Panthea Obscura'

By Rob M. Worley     March 31, 2008

On one side: producers, directors and other Hollywood players looking for the next big thing.

On the other side are the comic book artists and writers creating the next big thing.

In between is...The Comics2Film Elevator.

Five simple questions. Five quick answers. Just enough to start the ball rolling as you ride from ground to roof.

Today Mike Luoma boards The Elevator and sheds light on his comic 'Panthea Obscura...

ELEVATOR (E): Describe 'Panthea Obscura' in two sentences or less:

Mike Luoma (ML): 'Panthea Obscura': The old gods have been with us all along, but made us collectively forget they existed long ago. Now these beings of extraordinary power have restored our memories and have emerged to wreak havok in the modern world!

E: If you were to compare 'Panthea Obscura' to a movie or TV show what would it be?

ML: It's the X-Men meet Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a little mythology mixed in for good measure.

E: Why do you think 'Panthea Obscura' would translate to film/TV/animation?

ML: Much as in "The Transformers", fantastic elements occur in the so-called real, everyday world. Real world action, super heroic powers and strong, even snarky characters, drive the main story. There are big action sequences as well as small character moments. Characters are based in part on archetypal figures, the gods of many of the ancient world's mythologies, providing subconscious resonance for the viewer. Could be effective as live action or animation.

E: How can folks find your comic?

ML: Get a free download of 'Panthea Obscura' #1 and 'Panthea Obscura' #2

E: How can folks learn more about you and your work?

ML: I'm online at:, Comic Space and MySpace. I can also be contacted via email at


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